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Electrical & Batteries

Electrical & Batteries

<p>When you're out camping or travelling in this great country of ours, it's important to be able to power all of your devices and accessories. Whether its a winch or CB Radio, iPad or mobile phone, LED Light Bar or HID Spotlights, you need to have a reliable power source with you at all times.</p>

<p>At Tough Toys we have all the equipment you need to get yourself sorted with a dual battery system. We also have a range of solar power options for you to recharge with.</p>

<p>Why not check out the great products in the categories below:</p>

Battery Isolators & Solenoids
Dual battery isolators & solenoids.
Battery Management & Chargers
Keep your batteries in shape with our chargers and management systems.
Dual Battery Trays
Vehicle specific dual battery trays.
Electronic Brake Controllers
Don't take risks with your caravan or large trailer, get an electronic brake controller.
Fuses, Wiring & Terminals
Fuses, wiring & terminals for Dual Battery Systems
Turbo Timers
Turbo Timer Volt Gauge