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Recovery Points Suitable for Nissan Navara D22

Off road driving demands for strong, reliable recovery points to cope with a huge variety of recovery situations

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 Recovery Points (Pair) suitable for D22 Nissan Navara
Product Code: RP-NAV22
Product Description:  (Front) Recovery Points (Pair) with a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 3250kgs

Recovery Points Kit suitabke for D22 Nissan Navara
Product Code: RP-NAV22KIT
Product Description:  (Front) Recovery Points (Pair) with a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 3250kgs
- 8,000Kg rated equalizer (bridle) strap - 2 off 4.7T bow shackles

The standard points on the front of a 4WD are primarily designed for tying down your vehicle during transit. Some vehicles come with a stronger point on the front but this still hasn't been tested by the manufacturer and rated for recovery or towing purposes. All Road Safe tow points have been destruction tested and give a Working Load Limited (WWL). In most cases the points were destruction tested up to 18,000Kgs+ to ensure they have the ability to cope with a variety of potential recovery situations. These points are designed to work with 3.25T bow shackles.

All of our tow points have the following features:
Destruction tested and rated with a WWL of 3,250Kgs
Hi-vis yellow paint as required by mining regulations
Made from 10mm thick SS41 carbon steel plate
Hole for mounting of bow shackle
Easy fit - no cutting or welding required
Bolts and nuts and crush tubes are included
Also included in the kit is:
8,000Kg rated equaliser (bridle) strap
2 off 3.25T bow shackles

For best results and safety, it is advised to have two of these points fitted and use a bridle / equaliser strap to even the loads through both points. When using the bow shackles with this point, ensure the "bow"of the shackle is attached to the point and the pin of the shackle has the strap attached to it. This will then enable the shackles to rotate to different angles as your vehicle is towed. The equaliser strap supplied has a sleeve in the middle to ensure the strap you attach to it doesn't damage the equaliser strap.