The LifeSaver water bottle can filter dirty water and make it drinkable.

$230.00 AUD

1.4m Awning Light

This awning lighting kit a single sources of light at one end of your awning.

$48.00 AUD

1.4m Awning Light Ext

This awning lighting kit a single sources of light at one end of your awning.

$42.00 AUD

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Catch Cans For Crank Case Ventilation - Why You Should Install One

Catch Cans For Crank Case Ventilation - Why You Should Install One

7 Sep 2015

The chances are, if you’re seriously into off-roading, you take good care of your engine and it’s pretty reliable. After all you know how serious it could be if you had a major breakdown deep in the bush. Keeping all the mechanical bits clean and well maintained is essential, but don’t overlook prevention either. One way to prevent your engine collecting grime from burned fuel. Piston rings never give an absolutely perfect seal so every time a cylinder fires some of the gas will find its way into the crankcase. That’s bad news, because if it stays there it will dissolve into the oil and contaminate it with tiny, abrasive particles that will slowly grind away the guts of your engine. Regular oil changes will minimise the damage, and modern factory fitted Positive Crankcase Ventilation systems keep the amount of gas in the crankcase down, but to get even more protection you can’t go wrong fitting a catch can.

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Making the most of your 4WD

Making the most of your 4WD

18 Aug 2015

At Tough Toys we love all sorts of vehicles. We like to see a gleaming sports car, or a well maintained family runabout that’s looking good for its age. There’s one thing that depresses us though, and that’s a shiny 4wd that’s clearly never been anywhere rougher than the school car park in its life. We know that some people buy 4wd vehicles because they have lots of space but it really seems like, if you’re just driving it on the road, you’re not getting the most out of it. If you have an off road vehicle, but you never go off road, you don’t know what you’re missing. Australia has some great landscapes you’ll never see if you stick to the beaten track, but that wagon sitting in your driveway has the power to take you there.

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Carrying Containers for Water & Fuel

Carrying Containers for Water & Fuel

10 Aug 2015

Safe, enjoyable 4wd touring means having all the right gear with you, and Tough Toys are all about quality gear. Recovery equipment, sump armour, snorkels, engine accessories, you name it – we have it. The same goes for camping gear – awnings, fridges, the works. Of course those are all big, shiny items but an enjoyable trip depends on a lot of pretty unexciting things too. Tie-down straps, for example. Or how about containers?

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Straps & Tie Downs - Securing Your Gear

Straps & Tie Downs - Securing Your Gear

4 Aug 2015

If you enjoy getting off road – or even if you’ve just been reading our articles before planning your first  Outback expedition – you’ll know that touring the bush needs a load of gear. Luckily a good 4wd has plenty of room to fit it all in, so you can travel in safety and comfort. Between your rear load space and a good roof rack there’s plenty space for camping equipment, recovery gear, water, extra fuel and everything else you need.

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Not all sand pegs are created equal! Here's our comparison.

Not all sand pegs are created equal! Here's our comparison.

30 Jun 2015

Check out any packing list for a camping trip and you’ll probably see “tent pegs” written somewhere. Makes sense, right? Well no, not really. It’s great in principle but there’s one detail missing – what kind of tent pegs? That wouldn’t have mattered 30 years ago, when you asked for tent pegs and got handed a bag of steel rods with hooks at one end, but it does now. There are all sorts of different pegs on the market and you need to make sure you’re carrying the right ones.

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