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Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m

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You’re always going to get the odd bump and scratch if you spend a lot of time driving off road. It comes with the territory, and if your vehicle’s a big rugged touring machine a few minor battle scars are just going to give it more character anyway. Major damage is different, though. A bad smash can cost you a fortune, cause injuries or in the worst case leave you stranded miles from anywhere. And while collisions with other vehicles are the most common cause of major damage on roads, once you venture into the wilderness a much bigger problem is animal strikes.

It’s a toss-up whether you use more electricity at home or in a modern camp. Most camps now come fully supplied with LED lighting, fridges, kitchen appliances and sound systems. You’ll want to keep your phone and maybe a tablet or laptop charged up too. This is no bother when you’re on the move, because your vehicle will provide the power you need, but even if you have a dual battery setup you won’t want to leave it powering your camp for too long.

We’re pretty sure all our readers are smart enough to know how tough the outback can be. Getting out into Australia’s massive landscapes is a lot of fun, but things can go wrong out there – and when they do you need some basic survival skills. Plenty of people have died out in the bush because they didn’t have the knowledge they needed to stay alive. On the other hand plenty more have managed to hang on until help arrived.