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Have you ever wondered how a car manages to get round curves on the road? Probably not; it seems pretty obvious. The front wheels are turned by the steering, and that’s it – except no, not quite. There’s a problem caused by basic geometry, because every time you go round a curve the wheels on the outside have further to go than the ones on the inside. That’s fine on a trailer, but when the wheels are powered they’ll tend to fight the steering effect of the front wheels.

Insurance is pretty boring. If any insurance salesmen are reading this I’m really sorry, but it is; it’s just dull. Off road driving is exciting. Choosing and fitting new accessories for your vehicle is fun. Discussing 4wd insurance is boring. Unfortunately there’s one thing that’s muchworse than discussing insurance. That’s not being able to get off road and enjoy yourself, because you’ve had an accident in your rig, and now you can’t afford to fix it because you didn’t have the right insurance and they refuse to pay out.

Any switched-on off road driver will make sure their vehicle is in perfect running order before setting off on a trip, then check it when they get back to see if anything’s getting ready to fail. What a lot of people don’t do is carry out checks while they’re actually on the trip. That’s a bit unfortunate, because taking five minutes to check over your engine will nip a lot of problems in the bud.