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Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m

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A lot of people rely on their mobile phone for communications when they’re touring, but if you’re seriously into getting away from civilisation there’s a lot to be said for having a UHF radio in your vehicle as well.

Check out any 4wd accessory shop and you’ll find a decent range of UHF radios. Handsets are cheap and popular, but they have a pretty short range – and it gets even shorter when you’re using them inside a big steel box. If you want to talk to anyone more than a couple of kilometres away you need a vehicle set with a proper external antenna. 

So you and your 4wd have spent a great few days out in the bush, enjoying the landscape and the challenges of driving through it. Now you’re back home and your gear is unloaded. Time to pop a cold one and relax? Not yet – you should give your vehicle a bit of care and attention first.  

An off-road trip is pretty stressful on mechanical stuff, and even the toughest vehicle is going to need a bit of post-trip servicing to sort out any issues before they become serious. It doesn’t have to take long but it can save you a lot of time and money later, plus reduce the risk of you finding yourself stuck somewhere.

Off road driving puts your vehicle through a lot, and you need to keep on top of your maintenance much more than a normal driver does. Modern cars are pretty reliable, and you can usually get away with checking the tyre pressure every couple of weeks and giving the engine compartment a once-over before any long trips.  That won’t do if you’re 4wd touring, though. Rattling around on corrugated tracks, or ploughing through the bush, can shake things loose in a hurry and you need to keep an eye on it all to make sure no problems are developing.