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Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m

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Most off road driving experts talk about tyre deflators a lot – we often recommend them ourselves. Any time you head for the bush you should have a set of deflators in your toolkit; they’ll make life much easier, and help you keep yourself mobile in Australia’s toughest terrain.

Deflators are a pretty simple concept. When you cross soft ground you want lower pressure in your tyres to keep them turning instead of digging in.

A few years ago just about every off road vehicle in Australia had a manual gearbox. That’s changing now thanks to some big advances in automatics; most modern 4wds and Utes come with an automatic option, and in fact sometimes it’s the only option you get.

Manuals still have a lot of fans, though. Many experienced off road drivers won’t go near anything else. No matter how good an automatic is, a properly used manual transmission gives you more flexibility – and that can translate into more pulling power when the going gets really tough.

A lot of people rely on their mobile phone for communications when they’re touring, but if you’re seriously into getting away from civilisation there’s a lot to be said for having a UHF radio in your vehicle as well.

Check out any 4wd accessory shop and you’ll find a decent range of UHF radios. Handsets are cheap and popular, but they have a pretty short range – and it gets even shorter when you’re using them inside a big steel box. If you want to talk to anyone more than a couple of kilometres away you need a vehicle set with a proper external antenna.