56 mm objective lenses gather more light than any other binocular in our line, producing the brightest, sharpest, most vivid images.

$850.00 AUD

Personal First Aid Kit Small

This vehicle first aid kit is a "must have" for emergency situations when you're off road.

$41.00 AUD

6500Kg Snatch Recovery Strap

Snatch straps are an essential offroad accessory.

$39.00 AUD

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Repair Awnings & Camping Equipment If They Break Out In The Bush

Repair Awnings & Camping Equipment If They Break Out In The Bush

3 Jul 2014

Half the fun of off-road touring is the camp at the end of the day. Firing up the grill, enjoying a few cold ones with your mates and finally settling down to sleep with nothing between you and the sounds of the bush but a thin layer of canvas, or even just a mozzie net. Most people find an awning is the best way to camp with your vehicle – they’re spacious, quick to set up and good ones like our Tough Toys models are pretty tough. They’re not indestructible though, and if you’re unlucky high wind, falling branches and other mishaps can leave you feeling suddenly exposed to the weather.

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Outback Driving Skills - What You Need To Know Before Heading Out

Outback Driving Skills - What You Need To Know Before Heading Out

1 Jul 2014

The best thing about driving a 4wd is you can get away from it all, and if you’re in Australia that goes double. The Outback is about as far away from it all as you can get without actually leaving the planet. As soon as you turn away from the coast in Australia you’re basically driving towards a desert, and sooner or later you’ll get there. That makes for some amazing driving, and the deserts have become popular destinations for off-road enthusiasts, but they’re not just an adventure playground. They’re really big and they’re really dangerous, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can soon find yourself in a lot of trouble.

More about Outback Driving Skills - What You Need To Know Before Heading Out

4x4 vs 4x2 - What's The Difference & Do You Really Need It?

4x4 vs 4x2 - What's The Difference & Do You Really Need It?

6 May 2014

We all know that four wheel drive is what you need when you go off road, but a lot of people don’t really know how it works. Many think that a 4wd transmission keeps all the wheels turning at the same speed. That’s not always the case though. Sometimes you need to have wheels turning at different speeds. When you’re turning the outside wheels have further to go, so they spin faster. If a wheel’s slipping the differential will feed more power to it – not always what you need, but different types of transmission have different tricks for sorting that. Here’s a guide to the transmission types you can find on off road vehicles.

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4wd Camper Trailer Setup

4wd Camper Trailer Setup

2 Apr 2014

If you’ve spent a lot of time around camper trailers you’ll know that pretty often they don’t look much like the nice tidy ones they show in the brochures. Browse the maker’s website or flick through the shiny magazines in a camping shop and all that bright, clean canvas looks like it’s just been scrubbed and ironed. Roofs are stretched tight, corners are square and the whole thing looks so good you just want to sell your house and live in it. Back in the real world you’re on the campsite standing beside something that looks like a sack of wallabies, wondering where it all went wrong.

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Packing Your 4wd At The End Of A Trip

Packing Your 4wd At The End Of A Trip

2 Apr 2014

So you’re out on your first camping trip and you can’t quite work out what’s going wrong. Everything was neatly stored in the vehicle when you left home, but now you’re packing up to leave your third campsite and it’s all a bit different. All your sleeping bags seem to have grown into duvets. Soot from the stove has ended up on the tent. You can’t find all the bits of the mozzie net. And what’s that dripping from the rubbish bag onto your spare clothes?

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