Huge side awning delivering a lot of shade.

$269.00 AUD

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120W 22" Tough LED Light Bar

These tough LED light bars are designed to light up the night.

$319.00 AUD


MAXTRAX is the SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY method of 4WD vehicle recovery!

$299.00 AUD

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The Art Of Spotting - Navigating Obstacles

The Art Of Spotting - Navigating Obstacles

26 Nov 2014

If you’ve ever done any rock crawling you’ll know how vital spotting is, but it’s an art any off road driver can use. Basically it’s simple; someone outside the vehicle watches the wheels and the ground, and talks the driver forward (usually with hand signals, but some people like a two-way radio). That might seem a bit weird, but think about it; from the driver’s seat you can’t see the wheels or the ground right in front of them, and when you’re trying to pick your way through rocks, a rough streambed or a bad muddy patch that can get you in trouble pretty quickly.

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4wd Etiquette - How To Behave Off Road

4wd Etiquette - How To Behave Off Road

23 Nov 2014

Etiquette. Bit of a poncy word, isn’t it? What does it have to do with the rufty tufty world of off-road driving?

Turns out... A lot.

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Eyewear, Safety Glasses and Eye Protection while 4wding

Eyewear, Safety Glasses and Eye Protection while 4wding

19 Oct 2014

Australia’s a spectacular country and nobody knows that better than off-roaders. We get to places other people never seem and we can look at them from a whole new perspective. All it takes is a good 4wd and some imagination – and the right gear, of course. At Tough Toys we’re all about making sure you have whatever you need to get out there and explore, and years of experience means we know what people are looking for to fit out a wagon or Ute. We also know what a lot of people aren’t looking for, but maybe should be, and we’d put eye protection right at the top of that list.

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Sway Bars & Anti-roll Bars - What Do They Do?

Sway Bars & Anti-roll Bars - What Do They Do?

25 Sep 2014

Off road driving covers a multitude of sins, from family days out along a well-maintained dirt track to full-on adventures in the roughest bits of the Outback. Some of us are happy to just get away from the traffic for a few hours while others enjoy being able to go anywhere, and turn their vehicles into real expedition machines. If you’re in the second group the chances are you’ve learned quite a lot about what the bottom of your chassis looks like and what all the bits do – always handy knowledge when you need to fix it – but we find a lot of 4wd experts are still a bit puzzled by sway bars.

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Travelling To Remote Areas - What You Need To Know

Travelling To Remote Areas - What You Need To Know

23 Sep 2014

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our articles you should have your 4wd pretty well sorted out for taking on any terrain Australia can throw at you, from swamps to the big red bit in the middle. It’s rough, it’s tough and it’s ready to go anywhere. But how long is it going to stay that way when it’s been bashed around a bit? That’s up to you. Know what you’re doing out in the bush and you can avoid a lot of problems and head most of the others off before they get too bad. Here’s how to do it.

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