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Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m

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As off road drivers we’re all pretty proud of how rugged and dependable our vehicles are, but the chances are most of us also have a few stories about how they broke down. The fact is it happens. You can’t expect complicated machinery to crash around over rough terrain and never, ever have a problem. Spend enough time out in the bush and eventually you’re going to find yourself standing beside an immobilised wagon, scratching your head and wondering what broke.

You should never judge how important something is by its size. Look at the dashboard and, tucked away in a corner, you’ll find the temperature gauge. It’s a lot smaller and less conspicuous than your speedo or rev counter, but it’s at least as important. If that little needle starts climbing into the red you have a bit of a problem, and you’re going to need to sort it out in a hurry. 

Before you set off into the outback on your next 4wd touring adventure, it is often a case of deciding what gear to pack. This decision is based on a number of factors including the nature of the equipment and its suitability for the trip as well as the remaining space available in the vehicle. We go through our packing list and show you what works and what doesn't.