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Head gaskets can be a nightmare, as you’ll know if you’ve ever had one blow on you. They certainly cause their fair share of frustration among off-road drivers, and a lot of that frustration seems to come from people not being totally sure what head gaskets are for. It does look a bit counter-intuitive; the engine block is made of metal, so why put a slab of softer, much less durable material in there? In fact your head gasket is a vital component – so vital that internal combustion engines just wouldn’t be possible without it.

If you’ve been reading our articles for a while you probably know that we’re huge fans of roof racks. They’re vital for off road touring, giving you the space you need for all your bulky camping gear. If the weather isn’t cooperating a roof rack lets you keep wet tents out of the cabin, and they’re also a useful mounting point for awnings. shovels, maxtrax and many more great 4x4 accessories.

Over the years we’re used a lot of different roof racks, in all sorts of different styles. They all perform the same task but some shine above the rest.

Off-road touring is a lot more comfortable than it used to be thanks to modern equipment and accessories. Compact fridges, LED lighting and other technology guarantee you a comfortable camping experience – as long as you have enough power to keep it all running. The trouble is, running all those toys when you’re parked up for the night can give your battery a real beating, and you won’t be so happy if you try to start the engine in the morning and there isn’t enough charge left to turn it over.