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Tough Toys has an affiliate program which allows website owners, with relevant websites (such as 4wd accessory review sites or four wheel drive clubs), create income by helping Tough Toys market its products.

Our affiliate program is run directly by Tough Toys, and not a third party, ensuring as much income is passed back to our affiliates as possible. Your affiliate earnings will be determined by the size and volume of traffic your website delivers. We can discuss affiliate earnings once you Contact Us with your details.

To set up your website as an affiliate of Tough Toys we require the following information:

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We suggest you create an informative page about Tough Toys products on your website. You should then use the specific links we send you to link to us which will track your affiliation with Tough Toys

Once you become a Tough Toys affiliate, we will send you a package with images and our logo should you require it so you can advertise us on your website.

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Tough Toys is an industry first with its revolutionary 4x4 accessories website. With quality real world tested 4wd accessories, Tough Toys always sell at mates rates. Offering some excellent 4wd techniques, 4wd tracks, and camping advice, the Tough Toys website is always a point of reference for any tough 4x4 enthusiast. If you are looking for more information on 4wd vehicles our 4x4 review page can give you a head start.

Whether you are a novice four wheel driver, or a seasoned veteran we have the right 4wd products for you. Offering paypal payments and great value products, Tough Toys takes pride in it’s secure shopping experience. We are currently able to service the areas of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and other regions of Australia with great 4wd accessories online.

As well as offering a range of Tough Toys branded products and accessories, Tough Toys is also an authorised retailer of some of the biggest and well known name 4wd brands in the industry. If you're looking for gift ideas, look no further than the Tough Gifts at Tough Toys. We have gifts for all kinds of special occasions and holidays.

With our off road maps, 4wd guides and 4x4 atlas section including the well established Hema maps, you dont have an excuse to get lost again! While you're roaming around Australia, why not find all the campsite and caravan park information you'll ever need with the Camps Australia Wide and Caravan Parks Australia Wide books.

Any time you need a hand or have a question about any of our products, our online support can help you determine the best gear for your needs. We take four wheel driving seriously.

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