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Long Range Fuel Tanks for Ford 4WD and FORD Vehicles

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Long Range Automotive has been manufacturing and supplying Auxiliary and Long Range fuel tanks since 1989.Producing over 150 different types and styles of tanks, we now export our quality Australian made products overseas.

Long Range Automotive uses the latest technology to design long range fuel tanks that are the most suitable shape for a specific vehicle. Precision CAD/CAM drawings are produced for all petrol tanks and water tanks to ensure they fit properly into the selected location.

We use a Farley computer controlled plasma profile cutting system. With this we ensure accuracy, providing every customer with a high quality, precision made fuel tank. All welds are full pentration corner to corner MIG welded, using a high quality inert shielding gas and level layer wound MIG wire to ensure good welding penetration and exclusion of porosity in the weld. Our long range fuel tanks are fully internally baffled and an expansion chamber is incorporated in the design of the tank. All tanks are pressure tested and checked by two seperate quality control proceedures.

Long range fuel tanks:We only use top quality materials : 2mm (14 guage) T125CQ Aluminized sheet steel, brass threaded hose barb fittings, stainless steel hose clamps and high tensile bolts with nyloc nuts.