Anzac Day

It'd be a bit Un-Australian of you if you didnt know what ANZAC stood for but we'll point it out just in case.  ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps.  ANZAC Day is a celebration and rememberance of the sacrifices made of those who died in war protecting our beautiful country.  It is the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the first world war.

Australians often attend ANZAC Day services and some even make the pilgrimage to Gallipoli where the one of the largest ANZAC services is held.  Australians are given a public holiday to remember their family and loved ones who served in various wars.

Some choose to spend their public holiday by travelling out into the bush or hitting the beaches to get a sense of how great this country of ours really is.  We all remember in our own special way and it is a big tradition to have a holiday with the family out camping on ANZAC day.

Camping is never fun if you're ill-equipped though.  And what better place to buy your equipment than at Tough Toys?  We've put together a great list of gear that you'll love to take on your ANZAC camping trip.

Stainless Bottle Opener Stainless Bottle Opener

Keep it with your keys or in your wallet.

Visit the Stainless Bottle Opener page for more information.

$2.95 AUD

Tough Neoprene Stubby Cooler Tough Neoprene Stubby Cooler

Insulated stubby holder hangs around your neck and keeps your hands free.

Visit the Tough Neoprene Stubby Cooler page for more information.

$7.95 AUD

Tough Neoprene Can Cooler Tough Neoprene Can Cooler

The Tough Can Cooler is a neoprene can / stubby holder featuring a neck strap.

Visit the Tough Neoprene Can Cooler page for more information.

$4.95 AUD

Tough Neoprene Cooler Tube Tough Neoprene Cooler Tube

Sling up to 5 cans of your chosen drink onto your back

Visit the Tough Neoprene Cooler Tube page for more information.

$14.95 AUD

Gifts Under $100

Tough Winch Damper Tough Winch Damper

If your winch cable snaps, you'll be glad you had a damper.

Visit the Tough Winch Damper page for more information.

$29.95 AUD

10000Kg Recovery Kit 10000Kg Recovery Kit

The 10000Kg Recovery Kit comes with a 9M snatch strap, gloves and two 19mm bow shackles in a neat carry bag.

Visit the 10000Kg Recovery Kit page for more information.

$89.00 AUD

Tough Gear Bag Tough Gear Bag

Get all of your wet and dirty gear out of the car and on your spare tyre!

Visit the Tough Gear Bag page for more information.

$99.95 AUD

Tough Water Crossing Bra Tough Water Crossing Bra

Cross deep water crossings confidently with the Tough Water Crossing Bra.

Visit the Tough Water Crossing Bra page for more information.

$99.95 AUD

Gifts Under $200

Drag Chain Drag Chain

Includes 1 x grab hook, 1 x lug link, G70 high tensile steel chain & heavy duty storage bag.

Visit the Drag Chain page for more information.

$109.00 AUD

Tough Mozzie Net 2.5x3M Tough Mozzie Net 2.5x3M

Escape the mosquitos.

Visit the Tough Mozzie Net 2.5x3M page for more information.

$189.00 AUD

Tred Recovery Device Tred Recovery Device

TREDs are the ultimate all-in-one 4x4 recovery device in sand, mud, sludge, slime or snow.

Visit the Tred Recovery Device page for more information.

$179.00 AUD

Gifts Over $200

Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m

Huge side awning delivering a lot of shade.

Visit the Tough LED Side Awning 2.5x3m page for more information.

$339.00 AUD

LifeSaver Jerrycan LifeSaver Jerrycan

The LifeSaver Jerry Can provides filtered clean water from any water source!

Visit the LifeSaver Jerrycan page for more information.

$410.00 AUD

Kärcher K4.650 Cleaner Kärcher K4.650 Cleaner

K 4 & K 5 X-Range units will take care of regular jobs that involve medium to heavy soiling.

Visit the Kärcher K4.650 Cleaner page for more information.

$499.00 AUD


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