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Roof Console Suitable for Nissan Patrol

4wd Interiors Roof Consoles: Made to look a part of the vehicle-not apart from it!

$436.36 AUD
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The 4wd Interiors Roof Console was awarded 4x4 Australia Magazines "Best 4x4 Aftermarket Product Under $900" for the year 2000 and pays testimony to the amount of design work, features and benefits this Console exhibits.

4wd Interiors Roof Consoles: Made to look a part of the vehicle-not apart from it!

Roof Console Features Include:

  • LED Lights for enhanced interior lighting
  • Front interior / reading lights
  • Rear Interior lights
  • DIN (standard size) radio surround
  • Optional inserts for smaller radios
  • Microphone cable holder
  • Lined storage locker box
  • Blue Tooth speaker holes
  • Smart leather-grain finish

Front Interior/ Reading lights: When doors are shut switches operate lights independently as reading lights. When doors are opened both lights operate as interior lights.
Rear Interior Lights: When doors are shut switch operates lights as reading lights. When doors are opened lights operate as interior lights.
DIN (Standard Size) Radio Insert: DIN size radio surround/storage tray is incorporated in console.
Optional Inserts For Smaller Radios: Inserts for smaller radios are available (order with console).
Microphone Cable Holder: Microphone cable holder is supplied to keep radio cable neat and tidy and up out of the drivers view.
Lined Storage Locker Box: Lined storage locker box stops contents stored inside from rattling and possible damage against sides of locker box.
Bluetooth Speaker Holes: Bluetooth speaker holes are incorporated in the front of the console allowing clear speaking and hearing.
Smart Leather-Grain Finish: Leather-grain finish gives the console that "Part of the vehicle- not apart from it" look.

Please Note: UHF not included.