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Suzuki are well known for making some nippy little off road vehicles, and their new Grand Vitara models move them into the full size 4wd market too. If you own a Vitara or Sierra you've got an ideal machine for getting out into Australia's scenery, with plenty space for two people and all their gear. The Grand Vitara is just as capable but has room for a couple more as well. Any of these Suzukis will perform well straight from the factory, and they'll do even better if you add a few well chosen accessories.

There are plenty of reasons to customise your 4wd vehicle. Many people like to add a touch of individuality and make their own set of wheels stand out a bit. It's even better if you can do that and add some performance at the same time, which is our aim at Tough Toys. We love getting off road ourselves so we know what you need from your accessories, and we're here to help you get the best kit at the best prices. What we've done is put together a high quality range of stuff that'll let you go farther, cross more obstacles and be more comfortable when you get there.

The Sierra and Vitara are agile, compact vehicles, but it can get a bit cramped inside if you have to carry extra fuel containers. Solve that problem with one of our Brown Davis long range tanks. These are simple to fit – they just bolt to the same mounting points as your original tank – and their 2mm aluminium-coated shells are as tough as old boots. Depending on model they can give you up to twice the range of a standard tank, which makes a real difference when filling stations are thin on the ground.

It's not just running out of fuel that can stop you in your tracks, of course. Without the right gear there's a limit on how much water most 4wds can get through, and it's not really all that much. The right gear is a Safari snorkel. One of these will take you through most rivers you could wade across. They're also great for keeping dust out of your air filter when it's dry.

Suzukis are pretty tough, but rocks and uneven ground can still give the underside a real beating. That's unfortunate because a lot of the stuff under there is important. Protect your sump and transmission with a Brown Davis Underguard. This bolt-on steel armour shrugs off impacts that would wreck a standard vehicle.

Tough Toys gear will help you get where you want to go, but we can also help you enjoy yourself when you get there. From awnings to stubby coolers, we have everything you need to set up a comfortable camp at the end of the day.

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