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Mercedes Benz

For decades Mercedes-Benz has been making luxury cars, and if you've been to Germany you'll know they make plenty of taxis too. You might not expect to see one knocking around on a rough track, though, or crossing the Outback. Well, you'd be wrong. Mercedes have been making off road vehicles for over 30 years, and their G-Wagen is replacing a lot of Land Rover Defenders as a military vehicle. It's also popular among off roaders because it's very, very tough and will go just about anywhere. If you want something a bit more sophisticated you can now get some nice crossover-style SUVs as well, like the GL, or the more conventional N Class. These are all top quality German luxury vehicles but they're right at home off road too.

Any 4wd Mercedes makes a perfect choice for off road touring, and if you go for the G-Wagen you've got one of the most capable 4x4s you'll find anywhere. Fit one of them out with the right kit and you'll be all set for any trip you like. Our job at Tough Toys is to make sure you have the right kit. We're dedicated 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we've scoured the market to find the best gear. Our online shop lets us sell it throughout Australia at great prices, so if you want to get your Mercedes ready for anything check out our site and see what we can do for you.

Probably your first concern is protecting your vehicle. A Mercedes isn't cheap after all, and you don't want to get it in a mess when you take it off road. We can help you out with deep pan floor mats to make sure dirt and sand stay off your carpets. We also have quality gear bags to keep wet recovery and camping stuff tidy, and stop it dripping mud all over your nice interior.

Even a G-Wagen is going to get stuck sometimes, and you'll want the right gear to haul it out with. We stock a full range from makers like Mean Mother, and all of it's capable of handling a recovery properly. Snatch straps, shackles, jacks and even professional recovery points to replace your standard towing eye – we have it all.

We can get you all set up for camping, to. Our range of awnings are the best you'll find; not only do we have some of the biggest on the market, they're also fully fitted out with built-in LED lights and a reflective coating to keep you cool on sunny days. Water storage and filtering gear, cooking sets, mozzie nets – even stubbie coolers and tough waterproof cases for your phone or tablet – we have it all.

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