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Mercedes ML SEries

Mercedes are one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers but they build some real tough workhorses too. The famous G-Wagen is a top class 4wd, with a sophisticated and powerful drive train that will take it just about anywhere. It’s not as luxurious as your average Merc though, so it’s mostly an option for dedicated tourers and desert rats. On the other hand you definitely wouldn’t want to take an SLK down some corduroy track. Luckily there’s a middle ground – a choice of luxurious Mercs that are still tough enough to get out into the bush and take you where you want to go. The M-Class is the mid-size model in this group and it’s a very nice set of wheels.

Of course most M-Class buyers will never take their pride and joy anywhere rougher than the golf club car part, which is a bit of a shame – it’s capable of a whole lot more. If you want to stretch yours to its full potential you’re going to have a lot of fun but we would suggest you add some extra gear before you set off. The standard toolkit isn’t really designed for heavy duty use, for example, and if you’re splashing around muddy tracks you might want to protect the interior a bit as well. Luckily we have all the gear you could possibly need.

First sort out proper recovery kit. The standard jack is fine on the road, but next to useless on soft ground. Get yourself an exhaust jack – this will float you out of the softest mud or sand. A high lift jack is also good to have; with those on top of the Mercedes ki you should be able to lift yourself out of pretty much anything. Throw in at least two snatch straps too, in case you or someone else needs to be pulled out. Finally some sand channels to make sure you don’t get bogged again right away.

Once you’re finished digging yourself out you don’t want to get mud all over the M-Class’s nice carpets, so try a set of our deep dish floor mats. Tough and washable, these will protect your interior from dripping boots. We also have a range of cleaning products to wash the bodywork and underside once you get back to civilisation.

Tough Toys have an incredible selection of off road and touring gear, including awnings, fridge freezers, water purifying equipment and first aid kits. Our aim is to make sure anyone venturing into the great Australian landscape has everything they need for a safe, enjoyable trip. Between your Mercedes and our gear you can easily be set to take on anything Australia can throw at you.

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