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Bottle Jack Extensions

Bottle Jack Extensions

Bottle Jack Extensions are address the shortcomings of factory bottle jacks on lifted vehicles. With lifts ranging from 50-100mm, the standard bottle jack's ram may fall short of reaching the desired height. Read more...

If you're a four-wheel driver who enjoys taking on rugged terrain, you know that a flat tyre can be a common problem. And if you have a lifted vehicle, you might find that your standard bottle jack is limited in its capabilities. That's where Roadsafe's innovative Bottle Jack Extensions & Jack Accessories come in. They've revolutionized the process of vehicle lifting in remote environments.

Roadsafe Bottle Jack Extensions are designed to address the shortcomings of factory bottle jacks on lifted vehicles. The standard bottle jack's ram may not be long enough to reach the desired height for lifts ranging from 50-100mm. But these extensions are ram extensions that provide additional length to the ram, ensuring stable positioning on the ground while safely lifting the load.

Made with precision, these extensions fit snugly, minimizing the risk of instability and tipping during the lifting process. The standard extensions cater to ram diameters between 28-49.5mm, so they're compatible with various bottle jack models. Adapters are also available to accommodate different ram sizes, making them even more versatile.

One of the best things about Roadsafe Bottle Jack Extensions is that they're adjustable. They offer extensions of 75mm (3"), 150mm (6"), and an adjustable range of 225-305mm (up to 12"), so you can customize the height and configuration according to your needs. By combining all three extensions, you can achieve an extension of up to 530mm (20"), which caters to diverse lifting requirements.

In addition to extensions, Roadsafe provides Jack Pads designed to enhance stability and minimize damage during lifting. These pads attach effortlessly to the ram extensions or adapters, offering a flat 100 x 100mm head or an angled head suitable for axle tubes and other round surfaces up to 80mm in diameter. By distributing the load over a greater surface area, Jack Pads significantly reduce the risk of slippage and damage.

Off-road enthusiasts often encounter challenging terrains like sand, mud, and dirt, where traditional jacks may sink under load. Recognizing this concern, Roadsafe has included an upgraded base plate measuring a generous 205x460mm, effectively increasing the jack's footprint for enhanced stability on uneven surfaces.

Roadsafe Bottle Jack Extensions & Jack Accessories provide a comprehensive solution for lifting vehicles in off-road environments. They're engineered for safety, versatility, and durability, empowering four-wheel drivers to tackle flat tyres and maintenance tasks with confidence. With these extensions, you can ensure a smoother and more secure off-road experience.

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