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A lot of Australia's most spectacular landscapes are covered in sand. A 4wd vehicle is the best way to get you around that sort of terrain, but even then you're not invulnerable – eventually you're going to find yourself spinning your wheels in a loose patch. Getting out again can be a real challenge and it's a lot easier if you have the right gear with you. A shovel is essential, so you can dig away sand from around your wheels, but the real vital bit of kit is sand channels. Any normal recovery track will help, of course; what you need is something you can wedge under your wheels to give you a bit of extra traction. Sand has its own special challenges though, so if you spend a lot of time on the beach or in the red centre it might be worth getting some specialised equipment designed for sand.

Dolium Pty Ltd make a wide range of 4wd accessories and touring gear, and they haven't ignored the problem of getting out of sand. Sand Trax are sturdy sand channels with a heavily ridged surface to give you great traction, and a low profile that lets you get them under your wheels easily. They also have stake holes at each end so you can link several together with spikes. By doing that you get a longer run up and more chance to gain speed before your wheels are back on the sand again, so your chances of getting clear of the dodgy patch are a lot better. Spikes also have the bonus of holding the Sand Trax down securely, so there's no risk of the wheels throwing them out of the way rather than running up them. With a couple of pairs of these in the back of your wagon you'll be able to extract yourself from sand a lot more easily.

At Tough Toys we take pride in always finding the best accessories for you, and by partnering with Dolium we're pretty sure we've found you the best sand recovery gear. Next time you head for the desert take some along. You know it makes sense.

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