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Mean Mother

A good 4x4 can take you pretty much anywhere. Loose sand, deep mud or rocky river beds - with grip, power and skill you can get through it. Even the best of us run into trouble sometimes, though, and pretty much everyone who loves going off road has found themselves standing there, looking at a bogged wagon and thinking, "Now how do I get it out of that?"

Well, there's usually a way. Sometimes a bit of smart gear work will do it. Sometimes all it takes is a push. Other times you're going to need some equipment. Our Treds are good for many situations, but every now and then you're going to need a winch. Luckily winches look great on 4WD vehicles, and they have a lot of uses as well as self-recovery. You can pull out other vehicles, drag fallen trees off the track or haul in some really big yabbies. OK, maybe not yabbies.

We like Australian-made equipment, and we've found a great line of winches and recovery gear produced by Haigh Australia. The Mean Mother range is built to be reliable, effective and so tough you'll never manage to break it. We can supply you with electric winches from the entry level Peak 2000lb right up to the heavy duty Edge 12,000lb and super-tough Boss 9,500lb. We also have a range of mounting accessories, extra hand controllers and much more. To get the most out of these great winches Mean Mother also offer shackles, chains, tow hooks and snatch blocks - everything you need to haul your own or someone else's vehicle out of anything it's got itself into. If you need it to recover a vehicle, Mean Mother have it.

Most of the time you won't get yourself into anything you can't easily get out of, and in the worst case a shovel can get you clear of most problems if you don't mind spending a day or two digging. Proper recovery equipment makes all the difference, though, and you know the saying about kit like that. It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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