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FBL Industries LED Camp Lights

In case you haven’t noticed we like LED lights. So should you, because they’ve made a huge difference to off road driving and touring. Compared to old-style bulbs LED lights are brighter, use less power, run cooler and last much longer. A halogen bulb might last a few hundred hours, less if it was getting beaten up crossing rough ground; with LEDs 30,000 hours is pretty average.

We like Australian companies, too. Our landscapes have some unique challenges, and we’ve always figured that the best people to design gear that can stand it are Australians. FBL Industries are a great example. They’re a fairly new company – they’ve been in business since 2011 – but they already have an awesome range of LED lighting products that have all sorts of uses on and around your 4wd.

A lot of lighting companies just buy sacks of cheap generic LEDs from China and start soldering gear together, but FBL prefer a more hands on approach. They work directly with every stage, from design through prototyping all the way to the finished product. Their aim is to deliver the best LED lighting systems on the market, and they put a lot of work into getting it right. The results are pretty amazing too. FBL’s range includes some top notch camp lighting sets, for example, so if you don’t have one of our awnings with its own lighting you can easily set up one of these kits to replace your old wobbly lanterns.

If you’re into rock crawling, and don’t fancy stopping when the sun goes down, we have FBL’s great rock light set. Lightweight but ultra-tough LED strips mount easily under your chassis and throw plenty of light to help your spotter see the way.

We also have a bunch of multipurpose light strips you can use for pretty much anything you want. With a range of sizes and power outputs these rugged units can be easily fitted anywhere you want to provide some extra brightness. You can customise your setup with FBL’s own switches and other accessories – and we stock those too.

Lighting seems simple, but it takes some effort to get it just right. FBL have put that effort in, and it shows. The Tough Toys mission is to bring you the best gear we can find, and we think these lights have earned their place in our range.

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