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Battling your way through the Australian bush is huge fun, but it’s also nice to take a break and chill out a bit. You can have a snack, kick your boots off for a while and take a look at the map – enjoy the satisfaction of looking at how far you’ve come, and plan where you’re going next. Off road enthusiasts are rugged types, and we’re happy to sit on a jerry can or even a rock if the stop’s too short to get your camping gear out, but hang on. There’s no actual law that says you have to be uncomfortable, and that’s where Hammaka come in.

Hammaka are an established American company who’re all about being comfortable outdoors. They specialise in hammocks and hanging chairs, and they’re real experts at it. We’ve added their trailer hitch combo to our range because we think it’s a great bit of gear with a lot of possibilities.

It’s not hard to chuck a couple of folding chairs in the back, but they’re not always ideal. If the ground’s soft or uneven they’re not going to be very stable, and if we’re honest they’re not always all that comfortable either. That’s not a problem you’ll have with this winning gadget. It fits over your trailer hitch – you guessed that, right? – in a couple of minutes, and gives you two awesome combination chair/hammocks to relax in. Fancy fishing when the bank’s muddy? Just back your wagon up close and fish from the comfort of your chair. Want to put your feet up on something a bit softer than the tool box? The foot rests have it covered. Fed up with the kids asking “Are we there yet?” Just bungie them to the seats before you set off. Actually no, don’t do that. We’re not sure, but we think it might be illegal.

Hammaka have been making hammocks for fifteen years, and know exactly what outdoor people are looking for. Their trailer hitch combo is an awesome bit of kit and the whole team at Tough Toys are really excited about it. We think you’re going to like it too.

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