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Oricom CB Radio

When you're out in your 4wd and away from civilisation it's great to have some way of keeping in touch. Just being able to call home is nice, but reliable communications are also a massive asset if you have an accident or get lost. Of course most people keep in touch with their phone but that's not always the most reliable method. If there's a network problem you might not be able to get a call through, and sod's law says that will happen when you need it most. A handy backup is a CB radio. These have been used in Australia for a while now and the government runs a network of repeater towers, so you're usually able to get in touch with someone. If you know what you're doing you can bounce a skywave signal off the ionosphere and talk over thousands of kilometres, so the chances of you being out of range of help aren't high. It's an open system as well, so you can put a call out asking if there's anybody in your area. That's handy if you want to know about approaching weather, road conditions or the best bush pub to stop near for the night.

When CB first arrived here most people used radios imported from the USA, but a local industry has grown and some of its products are excellent. When we went looking for some CB radios to add to the Tough Toys range we decided on an Australian company, Oricom. They have a great selection of radios at fantastic prices, which was exactly what we were looking for.

We have a choice of Oricom 80-channel UHF radios with a bunch of different features. They're all easy to install and use, and tied to one of our high performance antennas you'll get a powerful system that's ideal for 4wd use. All our radios come with a mounting bracket and microphone holder, and some can be mounted in a standard car stereo slot for a neat appearance.

Oricom radios are a long, long way ahead of the old 1970s CB sets. They use the latest technology to get efficient, high power transmission with great voice quality, and with a bit of experience you'll be able to stay in touch from just about anywhere in Australia. Your phone is a great piece of equipment, but for simple, reliable communications it can't compete with one of these.

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