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Anybody heading into the outback should be well supplied with clean water or the equipment to purify it. We stock containers with built in high-efficiency filters to let you purify water on the move and carry a supply with you. What about when you're camping, though? Containers are great, but for cooking and washing it's great to have a high flow rate filter that lets you supply all your camp needs.

LifeStraw is a range of water filtration equipment that's flexible, lightweight and safe. The base of the system is the LifeStraw itself, a compact filter tube that can produce 1,000 litres of clean, safe drinking water from local sources. It filters out bacteria, protozoans and dirt - everything down to .2 microns in size. It's robust, simple, has no moving parts and fits in a pocket. If you're on foot it can be used to suck water straight out of ponds, streams and even hard to reach pockets like hollow trees.

For camp use the LifeStraw can be fitted with the LifeStraw Family attachment. With a large jug, pre-filter and spout, it's good for up to 18,000 litres and there's nothing to go wrong. We recommend both these bits of kit for anyone that enjoys spending time out in the bush. They make camping a lot easier and in an emergency they could save your life.

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