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Katadyn Portable Water Filters

If you’re heading into the red middle you’re going to have to carry your water with you, because it’s pretty dry out there. Lots of other parts of Australia do have water though – just don’t try drinking it. Even the clearest, freshest stream can have a dead sheep in it, and a quick drink could lead to many happy hours turning yourself inside out in the smallest room. Water is something you need to be very careful with. There are different ways to be careful, of course. You can never take water from a natural source, or you can be smart and get yourself a good water filter.

Personally we’re big fans of water filters. You’ll never catch us setting off on a trip without a good supply of fresh water, but if you can keep that for emergencies and use natural sources the rest of the time that’s always a bonus. Pick the right filter and you can turn pretty much anything into clear, safe drinking water – even stagnant pools or muddy streams. The chances are that Swiss water specialists Katadyn have the right filter for you.

Katadyn have been making filters for years, so their range combines loads of experience, the latest technology and quality Swiss manufacture. They also have a massive choice, from tiny pocket-size models to a rugged expedition system that can pump out four litres of purified water every minute. It doesn’t matter if you want a filter for ultra-light backpacking or to keep a base camp supplied with brews – Katadyn have a filter that will do it.

As well as high quality and amazing reliability you’re guaranteed the highest standards of safety, too. Katadyn’s advanced filters get rid of everything from floating twigs down to bacteria and protozoans – some of them will even strain out most viruses. Models with activated charcoal also absorb a lot of chemical pollution and improve the taste at the same time.

Quality doesn’t come cheap, but water is one of the essentials on any trip and it makes no sense to cut corners on your filter. With washable ceramic filters you’ll also save money on buying replacements every few weeks. For such an important bit of kit Katadyn filters are excellent value, especially if you don’t like spending all day on the dunny.

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