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You might not think it from looking at their range of family cars, but Ford are one of the oldest names when it comes to making the kind of 4wd vehicles we all know and love. Their history goes back to the original WWII Jeep, which they built by the thousand. The Ford range still contains several ideal off road vehicles, including the Territory, several Utes and the F series of trucks. Any of these makes an ideal choice for exploring Australia’s wide open spaces. Of course it’s always possible to improve a vehicle’s performance, and if you’re looking at how to get the most out of your Ford then some accessories from Tough Toys are just what you’re after.

Want to be able to go farther without having to carry bulky fuel containers? Have you thought of fitting a long range fuel tank? We stock tanks from Brown Davis and Long Range Automotive, and we can supply ones to suit most Ford models. Whether you drive a Ranger, Territory, F250 or plenty other Ford models – even the familiar Transit van – we have a tank that can give you up to double the range. All our tanks are a simple bolt-in replacement for the factory item and any competent mechanic can fit one in a couple of hours. There’s n drilling or modification required.

Exploring the wilderness can be tough on a vehicle, and some extra protection against bumps and scrapes is always a good idea. We have a wide range, from bullbars to the famous Brown Davis Underguard bash plates which put a layer of steel armour over your underbody and drivetrain. Of course it’s not just rocks and branches that can cause problems. Dust or water can also be a problem if they get where they shouldn’t be. Our Safari snorkels are perfect for river crossings and we have models to fit the Ranger and Courier. If you don’t do much driving through water you might think a snorkel isn’t for you, but they have another great advantage – they move your air intake higher, where there’s less road dust in the air. If you get fed up stopping to clean your air filter a snorkel could put a big smile on your face.

Need extra driving lights? We have a wide range of spots, floods and lightbars to suit any requirement. We can also help you out with diff lockers, bug screens, roof racks, awnings and a lot more. Of course we also have all the gear you need to carry in your vehicle, from recovery kit and first aid packs to cooking and water filtration systems.

At Tough Toys we’re all 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, so we know what works. We’ve picked out a range of the best 4wd and off road accessories, and our online store makes them available to you at excellent prices. We can also deliver anywhere in Australia. If you want to get the most from your Ford, check out our site!

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