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Recently we talked about how great Utes can be for 4wd touring. It's all good news if you own a Ford Ranger, because this tough truck is ideal for getting off road and doing some exploring. It's a favourite of ranchers, tradies and even armies all over the world because it'll go practically anywhere and take a huge pile of stuff with it, and you can use all that capability to take some great trips around Australia.

Of course just about anything can be made even better, and the Ranger is no exception. There are a whole range of accessories available to let your Ranger go farther, cross rougher ground and get out of trouble more easily. At Tough Toys we've collected the best of them and made them available throughout Australia at unbeatable prices. Why? Because we're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we think everyone who shares our hobby deserves the best gear! Here's some of what we have for your Ranger.

We've seen enough mishaps to know the damage the Australian terrain can do to even the best driven vehicle – if you've ever had your rock crawling interrupted by a busted sump, or struggled to remove a splintered branch that's wedged behind your drive shaft, you'll know what we mean. All these problems are history with a Brown Davis Underguard. With a layer of 3mm steel armour over your running gear your Ranger will be able to shrug off anything short of a landmine. The Underguard is easily installed and builds up from three manageable sections for easy maintenance.

The more fuel you have on board the farther from civilisation you can get. Why clutter up your Ute bed with bulky jerrycans, though? There's a lot of empty space inside your bodywork, and with a long range fuel tank you can make effective use of it. We have tanks from Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive. Again they're easily installed – they use the same mounting points as your existing tank – and they can give you a huge increase in range. Tanks for some Ranger models go up to 150 litres.

If you don't want to let little things like rivers stop you, fit a Safari snorkel. Made from tough polyethylene, these shift your air intake to roof level and let you wade deep water easily. They're also great on dusty roads; dust tends to hang around near the surface, so a higher intake means cleaner air and less grot in your filters.

If you don't want to scuff up your Ute bed every time you haul gear in and out, fit a bedliner. We have tough plastic liners from Proform that will keep your paintwork looking great. We also have Proform Bedrugs, too. Cover your bed with a layer of rugged carpet and you can even relax comfortably in it!

We also have a full range of recovery gear to help you haul your Ranger out of any sticky spots it gets into. Winches, snatch straps, sand channels – whatever you need. Add some camping gear, first aid kits, water purification systems and plenty more and you'll be able to travel in style over the hardest terrain.

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