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The Ford Territory 4wd has nothing to prove in the capability stakes. It's used by police and medical services across Australia, as well as being a popular choice among private enthusiasts. Solid, roomy and mobile, it's a fantastic choice if you want a vehicle that works great on the roads but also has the guts to strike out into some tough country. If you feel like getting adventurous in your Territory you'll find it can go just about anywhere, and keep you comfortable in the process. Like any vehicle it does have limits, of course, but you can push them out with the right accessories, and that's exactly what we have at Tough Toys. We've used our years of 4wd driving and off road experience to put together the best range of 4x4 gear you'll find, make it available online at fantastic prices and offer it to you. Whatever you want to do with your Territory we have the stuff to make it possible.

The biggest hazard for any off road vehicle is getting stuck. There are all sorts of things that can bring you to a halt, from getting grounded on a bump to bogging down in mud or soft sand. This happens to everyone and there are plenty ways to get yourself out, but to do it safely you need the right recovery equipment. We stock a full range, from sand channels to give your wheels a bit more traction to winches that will let you haul yourself out of just about anything. We also have a fantastic exhaust jack that even works on soft ground.

Most of us are used to navigating with GPS by now, but it's a mistake to rely on it as your only way of finding your way around. In fact the best option is to navigate from a good map and use GPS as a backup to check how you're doing. Our range of informative maps from Hema, Boiling Billy and others have clear, accurate ground information plus a whole load of handy details about what you'll find in various places. Before you set off make sure you have a set of up to date maps for your whole route, and you'll never go wrong.

At the end of a long day's hard driving you want your camp to be as comfortable as possible. Instead of squeezing yourself into a swag or small tent why not use your Territory as the base for one of our roomy awnings? Easily upgraded with mozzie nets or tent walls, these can be set up in minutes to give you a large covered space right beside your vehicle. They're also fitted with built-in LED lighting to save messing about with flashlights or lanterns.

For safety it's always good to be able to get in touch with someone, but phone reception can drop off quickly once you get away from civilisation. That's where CB radio comes in. Fit a compact and reliable UHF set to your Territory and you'll be able to contact emergency services, get information from other stations in your area or just enjoy a chat.

We set up Tough Toys because we're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we wanted to make the best kit available to people who share our interests. If we wouldn't fit it to our own vehicles we won't sell it, so you can be sure anything we supply does the job it's supposed to. We also deliver anywhere in Australia, so if you want to push your Territory to its full potential just check us out.

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