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Volkswagen have been making off road vehicles since the 1940s, so they've had plenty of practice by now and it shows. Of course some of their 4wd models aren't really cut out for rough country – we're thinking of the Touareg here – but that's mostly because you wouldn't want to risk scratching them. On the other hand some are ideal for off road touring. German engineering is famous for a reason, so if they build something to do a job you can be pretty sure it'll get it done.

Of course most VW 4wd vehicles – like the Amarok Ute – will spend their whole working lives on the road, so they're put together with an eye on that fact. That means one fresh from the showroom won't show its full potential in hard terrain unless you tweak it a bit. All it takes is a few decent accessories and you can get a massive boost in off road performance. Want to travel further between fuel stops? Get a long range tank from Longrange Automotive or Brown Davis. Fancy being able to plough through rivers without worrying about drowning your engine? A Safari snorkel is what you need for that. Fed up with stumps and rocks bending things under your chassis? Protect your diff, sump and transmission with a Brown Davis Underguard. Bullbars defend your lights and radiator against thick bush, and recovery points make it easier to haul yourself out if you get stuck for a bit.

As well as fitting your VW out to get you just about any place in Australia you can also set it up as the ideal base for a comfortable camp. Vehicle mounted awnings make it dead easy to set up a shelter quickly, and adding mozzie nets or a tent kit gives you somewhere to sleep. Expeditions in a vehicle mean you're not stuck with tiny camping stoves; you can carry better cooking equipment, and even a fridge. Water filtration systems cut down the number of jerrycans you need to haul along. Get the right accessories and your VW will let you tour the outback in comfort, if not exactly luxury.

At ToughToys we know all about the right accessories, because we're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we love getting new stuff. We're using that experience to help you out by putting together a great collection of top quality gear and making it available at super low prices. We can also deliver anywhere in Australia. If you have a VW and want to get all you can from it, have a look at what we have to offer. We reckon you're going to like it.

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