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Nissan 4x4 Accessories

Nissan have a reputation for making tough, reliable work-horses. Whatever your Nissan 4x4 is - Patrol, Pathfinder, Terrano or Navara - you've got a good solid wagon that'll take you over a lot of ground. Of course you might want to think about what else your work-horse requires to keep it (and you) safe and functioning well, because no matter how well it's performing now you can get it to perform better.

Australia has some pretty challenging and varied terrain, but by outfitting your vehicle with the right accessories you'll be equal to whatever challenges come at you. At Tough Toys our business is helping you find the right accessories, both for your Nissan and for you.

Starting with you, remember that a clean water supply is essential wherever you are. Carrying water with you adds weight - lots of it - and takes up space you may have other plans for. The water you find in the outback isn't safe to drink without treatment though. Purification tablets will make it safe, but they'll also make it taste like a swimming pool. Try our filter systems instead. For bulk supply we stock a jerry can with a built-in filter good for 20,000 litres, or try the Life Saver bottle with its 250 litre filter. This handy bottle works at any angle, so as well as being great for drinking or filling the kettle it can also give a source of clean water for irrigating wounds. It's a great bit of kit and none of us go anywhere without one.

Ah yes, wounds. When you need a first aid kit, you really need it. You need it fast; you need it to have the right stuff; you need it to be in good condition and you need to lay your hands on what you need right away.

Now let's look at what you can do for your Nissan. Rough terrain can be challenging in all sorts of ways, the most obvious being that it’s rough! Having a sump torn out when you’re a long way from the nearest road could be called an inconvenience. It could be called a lot of other things too, but we're not going to print those here. There's a way to avoid that risk, though. Tough Toys can supply an underguard for your Nissan that removes that worry. Made from 3mm cold rolled steel, it should be tough enough to cope with anything that gets thrown at it. We also supply long-range fuel tanks by the same manufacturer; these are just as tough and they hold fuel too! The best news is that they're simple drop-in replacements for the standard tank but give up to double the fuel capacity.

Challenging terrain is not necessarily hard, and loss of traction can be a problem. In mud, snow or sand, tread recovery devices might be just what you need and you won't find any tougher than our Australian-made versions. Think about our exhaust jack, too. Using your vehicle's own exhaust gas to lift it, it's great for easy wheel changes. It can help you out of soft sand or mud too, though; sunk to the axles? Our exhaust jack will haul her out. 

A snorkel is just what your Nissan needs for river crossings and to prevent sand and dust causing problems, especially in desert environments. We have one from Safari to fit your vehicle; with tough tubes and perfect seals, these quality snorkels let you wade deep water and shrug off clouds of dust.

Whatever accessories you need for your Nissan, you can be sure of one thing; everything supplied by Tough Toys is the best of its type we can find. The parts we sell are the ones we use on our own vehicles.

Get off road with a Nissan 4x4

Why would you choose to get on a plane and fly off to strange places when there's so much to explore in our own backyard. The Australian Outback landscape has no shortage of diverse on and off road destinations. From vast deserts and rocky roads to beautiful beaches and overgrown forests, Australia really has got it all!

When you've got a Nissan 4x4 and a sense of adventure, and some Tough Toys 4x4 Accessories, you're ready to hit the (off) road.   Just hook on the caravan, boat or jet-ski trailer and you're ready to set off on another adventure.

Nissan 4x4 Models

Whatever your needs or requirements are and no matter how big or small your budget is, there's a new or used Nissan 4x4 to suit your lifestyle. Current Nissan ranges offering 4x4 models include the Nissan Navara Ute, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Murano and Nissan Patrol.  All of which are some of the best 4x4 in their respective classes.

The great Nissan lineup allows you to choose from 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains, various petrol and diesel powertrains, SWB and LWB as well as single and double cabs.

Tough Toys 4x4 has a range of accessories to suit your Nissan.  From vehicle awnings to recovery and camping equipment, Tough Toys is your home of Nissan 4x4 accessories.

Go anywhere with a Nissan 4x4

There's nothing better than heading into the great Australian outback with your Nissan 4x4. With power from all four wheels you'll experience better traction and control on uneven and challenging surfaces, which will prevent your vehicle from getting stuck.

Greater ground clearance, shorter overhangs and increased approach and departure angles will also in turn allow you to travel through water, face steep ascents and descents as well as conquer large obstacles that might obstruct your path. Read some of the articles on Tough Toys about these topics and you'll soon learn that your 4x4 may require some modification and accessories to help you get through your trip.

There's no doubt that your Nissan 4x4 with some added Tough Toys Accessories will get you wherever you want to go whenever you want to go there. Safety comes naturally to a Nissan 4x4.

A Nissan 4x4 doesn't just have off-road benefits; it's also an incredibly safe and versatile vehicle. With the combination of an all-wheel drive system and a powerful engine a Nissan 4x4 can easily tow a boat, trailer, caravan or beach buggy. It's also extremely safe!

A 4x4 allows for better visibility and you're likely to find the latest in preventative and pro-active safety features on board all Nissan models. With With higher seating than in a sedan or hatchback, you'll feel more comfortable and be on top of the world!

But the top selling 4x4 feature for most is without a doubt space. With seating adjustment and clever interior design, Nissan 4x4 vehicles offer room for almost anything, from passengers and luggage to sporting gear and even the biggest baby stroller.

Whatever your reason for buying a Nissan 4x4, it's a decision you will never ever regret. In fact, you might find it hard to even consider driving a regular passenger car ever again. To test drive any of the latest Nissan 4x4 models please contact your local Nissan dealer.

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