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If you're the proud owner of a Nissan Pathfinder you've got yourself a good, versatile vehicle. A bit more compact and (if we're honest) a lot more comfortable than the big Patrol, it's great for getting yourself around town. It's pretty good between towns too. What a lot of Pathfinder owners ignore, though, is that there's a lot of off-road potential there if you want to use it. After all the Pathfinder is built on Nissan's sturdy 4x4 ute chassis, so it comes from a good working pedigree. Swap a few shiny town bits for more serious equipment from Tough Toys and your Pathfinder will be ready for full-on outback exploration.

Of course there's nothing much wrong with the Pathfinder as it is; it's got the grip and grunt to cover most terrain, and the reliability you'd expect from a Nissan. There are a few places where things can be improved, though, and the result will be a vehicle that's better for off-road work than you ever thought it could be.

Australia's a big place, and a lot of its space is pretty empty. That's one reason we love driving about in it, of course - it's a fantastic way to get away from the crowds for a while. It has its drawbacks too, though. Like when you run out of fuel and the last petrol station is a couple of days walk back that way. Big spaces mean long trips, and you need to be sure you have the fuel to manage them. 4x4 drivers have a fun old tradition of hanging jerry cans all over the place, but that's not really up to modern safety standards in a lot of ways. Here's a better option: Try one of our long-range tanks. These top-quality replacement units are a drop-in replacement for the standard tank and don't need any modifications to your vehicle. There's a big difference, though; most Pathfinder models come with a standard tank of about 75 litre capacity, but depending on model our versions hold up to 130 litres. That's a lot of extra range from an accessory that just disappears into your bodywork. Our long range tanks are built for the great outdoors, too. Fitted with magnetic plugs and internal baffles, and with double-skinned steel over every bolt point, they won't let you down no matter how rough the going.

Of course there's no point fitting a bullet-proof fuel tank when the first rock you hit's going to break something vital underneath. The Pathfinder's pretty rugged below, but so is a lot of the terrain. Shift the balance in your favour with one of our Underguards. From the same Australian manufacturer as our fuel tanks, this sheet of 3mm steel armour will keep the guts of your vehicle a safe distance away from any rocks and stumps. Like the fuel tanks, Underguards are easily installed and don't need any modifications.

Now you've armoured up the belly of your Pathfinder you might fancy taking it down a few river beds or across stony deserts. Go for it, but make sure your engine doesn't get choked to a stop by water or dust. Safari make the best snorkels for 4x4 vehicles we've ever found, and you really don't want to be off in the outback without one. These quality intake pipes are tough, positively sealed and fit like factory parts; they're the perfect accessory for a hard-working Pathfinder. We also stock pre-cleaners and air ram grilles to keep even more dust away from your air filter.

As well as these great mobility accessories we stock a load of other stuff for your Pathfinder. Light bars, spotlights, recovery gear and awnings are just a  few examples. Everything in our range is the best we can find; we're 4x4 enthusiasts ourselves and our rule is that if we wouldn't put it on our own vehicles we won't sell it.


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