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It’s hard to think of a better choice for exploring Australia than a Holden. Australia’s own car maker has always had a line of Utes and off road vehicles, and they still do. Sort yourself out with a Jackaroo 4wd or a Colorado Ute and you’re all set to get out and about. Any of Holden’s off roaders will get around pretty well straight from the showroom, but of course like any vehicle you can improve its performance even more with some well chosen accessories.

At Tough Toys we specialise in top quality gear for all popular 4wds, and of course we’re happy to find some of the best for an Australian manufacturer like Holden. We aim to help you find accessories that will get the most from your Holden, and by selling online we can do that at an uneatable price. We also deliver all over Australia, so if you fancy giving four four-wheeled friend a present it’s dead easy with us.

So, what sort of gear are you looking for? With one of their modern Diesel engines Holdens can get you a good distance between stops, but you can improve on that with a long range fuel tank. We stock tanks for all popular Holden 4x4s and Utes, from top Australian manufacturers Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive. All our tanks are made from tough 2mm high strength steel, and they’re also easy to fit. No conversion work is needed – they’re bolt in replacements for the original tank, so any decent mechanic can do the job in a couple of hours. That’s not bad when you could be looking at doubling your fuel capacity.

If you enjoy heading into the outback you’ll probably have to dig yourself out a few times along the way. That’s a lot safer and easier with good recovery gear, and as well as a full range of kit like Treds sand tracks, exhaust jacks and snatch straps your Holden can be fitted with extra recovery points or even a powerful winch.

Another hazard when you go off road are rocks, branches and even rutted ground that all seem to want to rip things off the underside of your wagon. If you have a Colorado you can shrug off all that stuff with a Brown Davis Underguard, a set of armoured steel protectors for all your vital running gear. Easy to fit and almost indestructible, these will let you bash your way through almost anything.

Obviously an Underguard isn’t going to get you through a deep river, but a Safari snorkel will. We can supply these for most Holden models. Not only are they great for water crossings, they do a top job of keeping dust out of your air filter too. Again they’re easy to fit, and if you spend a lot of time on unfinished tracks you’ll soon wonder how you got by without one.

As well as accessories to fit to your Holden we have a whole load of great stuff to carry inside it, too. First aid kits, tyre repair supplies, cooking and water purification sets, you name it – if you want it for your off road adventures, we have it!

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