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Before the Adventra came along the Frontera was Holden's leading mid-sized 4wd, and if you have one you'll know it's still a tough and capable off road performer. On our trips round Australia we've met a lot of people driving them and they've all been pretty happy with them. Of course some of them had been worked on so much we doubt most Holden dealers would have recognised them. After all if you're planning on getting out into the wilds it never hurts to get your vehicle set up as well as you can.

A standard Holden Frontera has all the basics needed for some great off road touring experiences, but it pays to remember that most owners will never take it anywhere rougher than a dusty car park and a lot of its accessories are picked with that in mind. When you have greater ambitions it's always a good idea to upgrade a few items. Look at the jack in the tool kit for example. It's just what's needed if you're changing a wheel outside your house, but how do you think it's going to hold up when you're working in soft sand? You'd be better off with an exhaust jack. At Tough Toys we know what's needed when you venture off road, so we've put together a range of quality accessories at unbeatable prices. We're here to supply you what you need for some serious 4wd fun.

If you like driving your Frontera, but hate stopping to fill up, you need an auxiliary fuel tank. We stock 70 litre tanks from Longrange Automotive that will nearly double your range. Any good mechanic can install them in a couple of hours and they connect to your existing fuel system. It's a great way to use some of the empty space inside your wagon's bodywork.

Of course if you're planning a long trip it's not just fuel you need to have reserves of. Water's pretty important too. Unfortunately it's also bulky and heavy. Luckily you can reduce how much you need to carry with a LifeSaver Australia jerrycan. Designed for the military, this combined filter and storage container will turn 18 litres of murky pond water into a fresh, clean drink in minutes. In fact it gets it pure enough to wash wounds with – the filter will even catch a virus. It's economical too, because the filter has a life of up to 20,000 litres.

Your Frontera's roofbars are a brilliant way to haul bulky gear around, but you can also use them as the base for one of our Tough awnings. These simple shelters take minutes to set up, and the shade they provide dwarves any tent. Add a mozzie net to create the perfect sleeping space.

Extra lights always help when you're off road. Flying dust can obscure your headlight beams, but a lightbar or a few spots mounted on the roof will be above the worst of it and keep you moving safely in the dark. We have some outstanding LED lighting sets specially designed to take the abuse of cross country driving.

Whatever you need to get your Frontera ready for adventure, Tough Toys have it. We don't sell anything we wouldn't fit to our own vehicles, so you can be sure you're getting quality, and we can ship to anywhere in Australia.

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