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Holden’s Commodore is one of Australia’s most popular big cars, and the station wagon version has a lot of space in the back. Holden obviously saw some possibilities there and from 2003 to 2006 they made some with 4wd as the Adventra. If you don’t want a full on off road vehicle, but you’d like to be able to explore some pretty rough trails in comfort, the Adventra is a good option. It’s big, it’s fast and it can get around a lot better than any normal car, so add a few bits of gear and you can have a lot of fun touring the bush in one.

Obviously the Adventra’s tool kit is better on road than off, so the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re ready to deal with getting stuck somewhere. A couple of good snatch straps will make it a lot easier for someone to haul you out, and carrying some decent sand channels means it’s less likely you’ll end up stuck in the first place. We have our own channels as well as Treds, Sand Lizard and more. Look at a high rise or exhaust jack to help you out where the standard one struggles, too.

Awnings are designed for normal 4wd vehicles but the roof bars on an Adventra will hold one just as well. Add tent walls or a mozzie net and you’ll have a large shelter ready to roll out whenever you feel like stopping. All our awnings now come with LED lighting sets, making it even easier to build a comfortable camp.

There’s plenty of room in the back of an Adventra for some luxury items, so why not load up one of our Bushpower fridges? Camping is a lot more enjoyable when you can carry a good supply of fresh food (and maybe a few suitable refreshments too) instead of living off tins and noodles.

With the right gear an Adventra makes a great choice for a touring vehicle if you’re not planning to hit the most extreme parts of the landscape. Unlike a lot of full on off roaders it’s just as good during the week (so you might want to keep it clean with some deep pan floor mats and a pressure washer). Tough Toys will help you get the most out of it wherever you’re planning to go.

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