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The Holden Rodeo hasn't been available since 2008, but there are plenty of them around and if you fancy doing some 4wd touring in a Ute it makes a perfect choice. With a choice of standard or crew cab and a good sized bed, the 4wd versions are ideal off road vehicles. Get them set up properly and you'll be ready to go anywhere.

Of course setting them up properly means you're going to need some high quality accessories, and that's where Tough Toys comes in. We stock the best gear we can find – and we're enthusiasts ourselves, so we know what to look for – to help you turn your Rodeo into a real go-anywhere off road beast. Our great online prices mean it won't break the bank. We can also deliver anywhere in Australia.

Talking about delivering anywhere in Australia, it's a big place. If you enjoy getting out into the less populated parts of it filling stations can be pretty far apart, and that makes it vital to carry a good supply of fuel. The standard Rodeo fuel tank's pretty big, but the distances involved will still run it dry eventually. You can put that moment off for a long time with a long range fuel tank. We stock heavy duty tanks from both Brown Davis and Longrange Automotive that can hold up to 128 litres. They're dead easy to fit as well – they use the existing bolt points, so any decent mechanic can just remove the old tank and fit the new one.

A 4wd Ute can get across some rough ground but water tends to stop them in their tracks. You can change that with a Safari snorkel. These fit so well they look like they've always been there, and they move your air intake to the top of the windscreen where it's not going to try sucking in water. That also cuts down how much dust it collects in the dry season, and your air filter will be happy about that.

If you take your Rodeo off road you're probably going to get stuck sometimes. It happens to the best of us and you just need to get yourself out and drive on. That's easier if you have the right kit, and unfortunately the jack that came with your toolkit doesn't qualify. To haul a Ute out of soft sand or mud you're going to need some heavy duty gear. At a minimum you need sand channels, a shovel and a snatch strap. If you expect to go places where there won't be anyone else to pull you we'd recommend a winch as well. Adding a couple of Mean Mother recovery hooks won't hurt either – when you need your factory-fitted tow points the chances are they're going to be buried in the mud.

We also stock a range of camping gear to help you relax at the end of the day. Mozzie nets, cooking sets and water storage will all fit in the back of the Rodeo, and we have lockable Proform covers to keep it all secure. Whatever you're after to fit out your Holden Ute you'll find it at Tough Toys.

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