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Jeep – The Original Off Roader

When it comes to off road vehicles there aren’t many names as well known as Jeep. Now Chrysler’s sport vehicle division, “jeep” has become a generic name for any rugged 4wd vehicle, especially military models. That all goes back to the iconic World War Two vehicle. Early in the war the US Army bought several different types of light, 4x4 open vehicles, but the one that caught the imagination of the GIs was the Willys-Overland MB. Somehow – nobody’s quite sure, but it might have come from an animal in the Popeye cartoon strip – it became known as the Jeep, and after the war the name stuck.

A History Of Ruggedness

Jeep have moved on a bit from the original military models, but one thing hasn’t changed – their designs are still built for real off road performance, and that’s perfect if you want to explore Australia’s countryside. A Jeep can get you places most other vehicles could only dream of, whether you go for the Spartan but agile Wrangler, the big Cherokee or the crossover Patriot and Compass.

A Step Further

However as usual Jeeps come from the factory set up for road use, because for most owners off road capability is something they like to have but probably aren’t ever going to use. If you’re reading this site you’re probably the other kind of Jeep owner. You want it to be able to go anywhere and you’re planning on doing it. That means you want to get every ounce of performance you can out of it. One way to do that is with accessories to replace factory parts or add new capabilities, and that’s where Tough Toys come in.
There’s space in your Wrangler or Cherokee’s frame for a lot more fuel than fits in the standard tank, so we supply long range tanks to get the most range from your Jeep. The further you go the more likely it is you’ll come to a river that needs crossed, and our Safari snorkels will make that easy. We have all the gear you need to get yourself out of tricky situations or to set up a comfortable camp. Extra lights, bullbars, winches and awnings – you need it, we have it.

When you’re looking for quality 4wd accessories you need to find a supplier who knows what they’re talking about. At Tough Toys we’re 4wd enthusiasts and we sell the sort of accessories we use ourselves. Everything in our range is hand picked for quality, and we’ve put together a great collection at the best possible prices. Now you can order it online at any time and we’ll deliver to anywhere in Australia.

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