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Jeep Cherokee & Grand Cherokee

If you want to get out and about then a Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee is an excellent choice. Big, rugged and comfortable, these 4wd wagons will let you explore a lot of Australia. Of course they're designed for the mass SUV market and straight out the showroom they're not quite as tough as the more Spartan Wrangler, but with a few quality accessories you can give them a huge capability boost and turn them into true expedition vehicles.

Of course the question is how to find the right accessories. As keen off roaders ourselves we used to wonder about that, until finally we came up with the solution and founded Tough Toys. We've put together a range of kit that we'd be happy to use ourselves, and make it available online at unbeatable prices. Of course another advantage of working online is we can deliver anywhere in Australia, so wherever you are Tough Toys can help you get your Cherokee ready for adventure. It'll be tougher, more mobile and loaded with all the gear you need to go anywhere and relax when you get there.

The Cherokee is as rugged as it looks, but in Australia's open spaces a little extra protection never hurts. Plenty of 4wds have knocked their innards out on a stump or rock, after all. Protect your mechanicals with a Brown Davis Underguard. This shields your sump, oil filter and transmission with an impenetrable layer of 3mm steel armour. Add a Uneek4x4 bash plate to protect your radiator and nothing short of a river's going to stop you.

Actually a river doesn't have to stop you either. Fit a Safari snorkel and you can wade through anything that isn't actually deep enough to float you away. Shifting your air intake up to roof level is also great on dusty roads – a lot less muck ends up in your air filter.

Hate being short of fuel? So do we. There's no need though. Brown Davis long range tanks are a drop-in replacement for your standard one but seriously increase the capacity – up to 132 litres depending on model. You can also add an auxiliary tank from Longrange Automotive for even more range. These tanks are purpose built for off road work – the military buys thousands of them – and they're as sturdy as you could want.

At the end of the day you're going to be ready to relax in comfort, and you won't want to do that inside your vehicle. You could always set up a swag or small tent beside your Cherokee, but why not go one better with a vehicle mounted awning? Our own Tough awnings are sturdy, have a reflective coating to keep the sun out, set up in seconds and now have built-in LED lighting for the perfect camp. You can add mozzie nets or tent walls for even more shelter.

We also have a complete range of cooking, water purification and first aid gear – whatever you need to have a great time with your Cherokee, we can supply it.

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