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Jeep Patriot

Along with the Compass, the Jeep Patriot is one of the company's smaller 4wd vehicles; this makes it perfect for someone who isn't looking for the huge size of a Grand Cherokee but wants something more like a normal car than the Wrangler. It looks like a small Cherokee and it's a nice, capable off road machine. Like all 4wds, of course, it gets even better with some specialist parts to unlock its full potential, and if you're interested in taking your Patriot on a few adventures we're ready to help you out.

Tough Toys is a company run by 4wd enthusiasts for 4wd enthusiasts. This means we know what gear works and what doesn't, and we've used our experience to put together a great collection of stuff at a price you'll like. We can deliver anywhere in Australia, so if you want to get your Patriot fitted out for maximum off road capability we can supply everything you need.

Let's start with mobility. The Patriot is a capable and agile off road performer, but anything can get stuck if you hit a bad patch. No worries – with the right kit you can easily get out of it and be on your way again. Snatch straps will let a friend haul you right out, especially if you've fitted a few proper recovery hooks to replace the standard towing points. If you're just in a soft patch you can drive clear with sand channels, including the amazing Treds. Even if you're in a bit deeper one of our exhaust jacks will soon get you out. These work even in the softest ground, which will be a big relief to anyone who's watched a conventional jack power itself into the mud as you work the handle.

Enjoy camping out in Australia's great wildernesses? Mount an awning on your Patriot and you'll always have shelter. Our Tough awnings go up in a couple of minutes, take a mozzie net for extra protection and now even have LED lighting fitted. We have cooking equipment too, and a load of little details to make your camp more comfortable.

We know just how much fun it is to get away from the traffic and take your vehicle places normal cars can't reach. That's why our mission is to make it easy for you to get even more places and have a great time when you arrive!

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