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Dodge is a classic American car maker that produces classic American designs. At Tough Toys we're mostly keen on 4wd vehicles and Utes, so Dodge's line-up of family cars doesn't interest us very much, but we do like their bigger models like the Ram. If you enjoy touring and like a spacious vehicle to do it in, or need a roomy Ute for work, a Dodge could be just what you need. Personalise it to your own tastes and you'll have something that's powerful, capable and distinctive. That's when you should turn to Tough Toys. We have a full range of 4wd accessories and equipment, all of it chosen by enthusiasts who know exactly what to look for. That includes a load of gear for your Dodge.

One thing you'll have noticed about big American engines is they're a bit thirsty. That's part of their charm of course, but it can get a bit awkward in some of the more remote bits of Australia. There isn't exactly a filling station on every corner out there. Luckily there's an easy way to solve the problem – an auxiliary fuel tank. Adding one of these can nearly double your capacity and range, which makes it a lot easier to plan long trips in the Outback.

Extra lights have always been a popular accessory for off road vehicles and Utes, and that's not just because they look great. Standard headlights are mounted low, which is perfect on the road but causes problems when you get onto a rough track. Being low puts them close to all the other stuff that's down there, like mud and dust, and once the lenses get filthy you'll be struggling. A lightbar or a few spots on the roof will sort that right out. We have our own modern LED lights. These give a brighter, more natural light than old-style halogen or HID lights, and they're also a lot more robust – no more bulbs shaken to bits by vibration.

Recovery gear is vital any time you go off road, and a heavy vehicle like a Dodge Ute is going to need some pretty serious kit to drag it out of the mud. What you need is professional level equipment from companies like Mean Mother, who do a full range of heavy duty straps, shackles and chains. Exhaust jacks take the strain out of lifting a wheel, and we also have the safety kit you need to avoid accidents during a recovery.

Tough Toys can also supply you with camping gear, maps and guidebooks, first aid equipment, tyre repair kits and all the small but vital stuff you need for touring or working off road. We keep our prices low and we deliver anywhere in Australia. If you have ideas for your Dodge we'll help you turn them into reality.

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