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If you think a Ute is what you need, but all the ones you’ve looked at just aren’t big enough, how about a Dodge Ram? These giant American trucks have the power and rugged suspension to take you just about anywhere, and they have massive load capacity too. When you want to camp in comfort or shift all the gear you need for a hard day’s work a Ram will have the space. That’s making them a popular choice for 4wd touring. All a Ram needs to be the perfect off roader is the right gear, and at Tough Toys we’ve put together a huge collection of that. Our accessories cover everything, from keeping you on the move to making your stops memorable.

The Ram’s big V6 and V8 engines mean it has the power to get through just about any ground, but even with all those horses up front you’re going to get stuck sometimes – this is Australia after all, and our terrain is some of the toughest in the world. Then you’re going to find the Ram, at three or four tonnes, can be pretty hard to get moving again. It’ll be a lot easier if you have the right gear, like our 4 ton exhaust jacks. These even work on soft ground and let the engine do the heavy lifting for you. Once you’ve got the wheels out of whatever they ended up in use Treds or one of our other sand channels to ease your way clear. We also have recovery hooks, snatch straps and even winches to give you even more recovery options.

With all the space in a Ram there’s no excuse for not taking a few luxuries with you, and we have a full selection of high quality camping gear. Add an awning with built in LED lighting to shelter you from the weather, or pick up a solar oven to take advantage of the sunlight. Use some of that loadspace for one of our Bushpower fridge and stock up on stubbie coolers so the contents stay cold as you drink them.

Whatever you need to accessorise your Ram, Tough Toys is the place to get it. We’re off road enthusiasts ourselves so we know exactly what you’re looking for, and we deliver anywhere in Australia at the best prices.

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