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Great Wall

China’s not a country most people associate with cars, but that could change in a few years. There are quite a few Chinese vehicle manufacturers now and their products are starting to appear in the export market. If you’re into off road driving the one that’s going to interest you most is Great Wall Motors. This company has started producing a range of affordable 4wd vehicles that give you a surprising amount of performance at an amazingly low price. Based on proven mechanicals from established firms like Isuzu, these are some pretty rugged wagons that are ideal for getting some hard work done or exploring off the beaten track.

It goes without saying that Great Wall’s 4wd vehicles come from the factory with everything you need for daily driving and are tough enough to get a bit dirty as well. If you plan to spend a lot of time off road you can make a big difference with some well chosen add-ons and replacement parts, though. At Tough Toys we’ve made it our mission to give you the gear you need to open out all sorts of new horizons. If you want to go farther, cross rougher ground or get yourself out of those sticky situations that happen sometimes, we have what you need to do it.

If you have a V200 or 240 Ute, or an X240 SUV, you can protect yourself against rocks, stumps and all sorts of other hazards with one of our Brown Davis Underguards. This tough steel armour will protect the mechanical vitals of your wagon over any terrain. There’s no need to let branches damage your lights and radiator either – fit yourself out with a set of bullbars and you’re good to go.

Want more lights for better visibility, working at night and a great touch of individuality? LED lightbars and spotlights are just what you’re looking for. Another accessory that gives your vehicle that rugged off road look – as well as coming in handy a lot – is a winch. You can use it to recover yourself or others by just finding a handy anchor point and pulling. Make it easier to recover your own vehicle by adding high load rated recovery points, too. Your factory tow points aren’t always ideal, and anyway sod’s law says that when you need to use them they’ll be buried in the mud.

If you’re planning on using your Great Wall 4wd for camping we have a huge range of stuff to get you set up. Everything from awnings to cookers, water containers and gear bags is there for you. Because we sell online we can give you some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere, and we also deliver anywhere in Australia. If you want to get the most out of your wagon we’re here to help!

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