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V200 & V240

Chinese company Great Wall are new to the Ute business, but they're having a good go at breaking into the market. The main Ute they're selling in Australia has a sort of unusual name in the rest of the world – fancy asking your mates to get in your Wingle? – but here it's more sensibly called the V200 if you go for the Diesel engine or the V240 in petrol. It's a solid looking vehicle too, with a strong resemblance to the Isuzu D-Max. If you like touring in a Ute, or need a tough truck with decent load space for your job, one of these will get you plenty performance at an affordable price.

Of course you wouldn't expect a low-cost vehicle from a new manufacturer to have everything you need to get off road, but if the basics are there – which they are – then it's easy to fit the rest of the essentials. At Tough Toys we stock a range of high quality off road accessories chosen through our own experience, and we can deliver them anywhere in Australia at a great price.

The V series are good tough Utes and they'll take a bit of a bashing without any trouble, but if you really like crossing rough ground there's always the chance of a rock or stump breaking something underneath. Sumps, radiators and intercoolers are common victims of this. Don't worry though, thanks to Australian engineering specialist Brown Davis we have the solution. Fit an Underguard and your Great Wall will be as impregnable as what it's named after. A layer of 3mm steel armour that bolts easily in place, the Underguard shrugs off impacts that would wreck a normal vehicle.

The bed of your Ute is what makes it stand out from other 4wd vehicles, and it's usually the bit that takes most abuse. Protect your paintwork with a Proform bedliner. A rugged polyethylene shell that fits inside your bed without blocking access to tie down hooks, it will keep the back of your V200 looking shiny and new. If you want more usable space you can go for a Uneek4x4 bed extender, which lets you lengthen the bed by the height of your tailgate (it also comes off and turns into a bench when you're camping, which we think is neat.)

We also have a full range of camping, recovery and safety equipment – basically everything you need to turn your V200 or V240 into a go-anywhere expedition machine. Lightbars? We have them. Exhaust jacks? Yep. Maps and guide books for the whole of Australia? Those too. Whatever you're looking for, look at Tough Toys.

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