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X200 & X240

Great Wall is a new entrant in the 4wd market, but the Chinese manufacturer has been making a big effort to sell its X200 and X240 models in Australia. We've seen a few and overall we like them. They're based on some proven designs from Japanese companies and it all adds up to a sturdy vehicle at a good price. Of course the price means equipment can be a bit basic, but that's no problem. At Tough Toys we have everything you need to get your X200 or 240 ready to go. If you have a Great Wall you probably like value for money, so you'll be pleased with our low prices – selling online lets us keep costs down, and we can deliver anywhere in Australia too.

The first thing you probably want to look at is your recovery kit. The Great Wall X series have good cross country mobility, but no vehicle is immune to getting stuck. When that happens to you it will be a lot easier to get moving again if you have something better than the supplied jack and a standard tow rope. We'd suggest a minimum of a decent snatch strap, a proper recovery shackle and a couple of sand channels to get under your wheels. A sand channel also makes a good base to stop your jack sinking in soft ground, or you could go for one of our exhaust jacks. These use exhaust pressure to inflate a tough bag under your vehicle, so they work on soft ground and they're a lot less likely to slip than a bottle jack is.

Water's vital when you head into the outback, but it's also heavy. We stock LifeSaver Australia jerrycans. These carry 18.5 litres of water, and you can fill them from any source. Their super-fine filters will get water so clean it's basically sterile – they even filter out most viruses. The filter's good for up to 20,000 litres, too.

Our range of Tough awnings mount easily on your roof bars and fold out into a roomy shelter in minutes. You can fit mozzie nets or tent walls for even more protection from the elements, and when it gets dark you just need to hook the built-in LED lighting to your 12V socket.

Of course maybe you like driving in the dark, too. Most experienced off roaders find that their headlights aren't really up to the job, especially when it's dusty or they're splashed with mud. A light bar mounted on the roof stays above all the mess and throws bright beam out in front at a perfect angle to spot rocks and potholes. We have a range of LED lightbars and spotlights to fit any vehicle.

Whatever you're looking for to get your X200 or X240 ready for the big red spaces, Tough Toys can supply it. We're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves so we know exactly what you need.

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