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If you’re new to the 4wd scene then you likely haven’t invested in a set of recovery boards yet and the amount of now readily available brands will have you questioning which ones you should invest your money into.
We recently got the chance to test out the Bunker Indust Recovery Traction Boards on the tracks and were impressed with their value for money that exceeded expectations.

We love Australia’s amazing landscapes, but we’re not so keen on how they get ground into the interiors of our vehicles. Unfortunately the kind of floor mats manufacturers supply might be fine for everyday driving, but if you take them into the Outback you’ll discover their limits quickly enough.

Roughing it can be fun, but having some conveniences – even luxuries – among your touring gear is always going to win for most of us. Do you want to cook and eat all your meals sitting round a fire? That has some appeal for a group of younger blokes, but if you’re on a trip with your family you probably want a bit more comfort. The same goes double on a longer expedition – it stays fun a lot longer if you can sit down to a proper meal, instead of digging in with a billy in your lap.