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Ask most parents about taking their kids camping and they’ll admit to having some mixed feelings. Yes, it’s a chance to spend time together doing something adventurous, but there can also be some bumps along the way.

Kids get bored easily, and a lot of the usual distractions aren’t available on a campsite. They also tend to run around and bump into things, and who wants to be patching up bruised kids in the middle of the Outback?

Being able to recover your vehicle is an essential skill for anyone who plans to head off road, but it’s also a potentially dangerous thing to do. A recovery means being around heavy vehicles with powerful engines and uneven or unstable ground, and there will probably be highly tensioned snatch straps involved as well. This all adds up to a lot of potential for serious – even fatal – accidents.

When it comes to differentials or "diffs" in your 4x4, there's a lot of mystery and as to how they are setup and wheather the job should be left up to a professional. In this article we intend to dispell some of the mystery behind your differentials and show you how you can install a locker or regear your diff in your home garage.  This guide is based on a Jeep JK Dana 30 front axle but a lot of what is discussed will apply to most 4x4 vehicle diffs out there.  Working on an axle is not rocket science, with the right tools and a lot of research, anyone with some mechanical ability can install gearing.