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When it comes to differentials or "diffs" in your 4x4, there's a lot of mystery and as to how they are setup and wheather the job should be left up to a professional. In this article we intend to dispell some of the mystery behind your differentials and show you how you can install a locker or regear your diff in your home garage.  This guide is based on a Jeep JK Dana 30 front axle but a lot of what is discussed will apply to most 4x4 vehicle diffs out there.  Working on an axle is not rocket science, with the right tools and a lot of research, anyone with some mechanical ability can install gearing.

Talking to friends in the northern hemisphere, some of them are really grateful they own 4wds right now. Having a proper off-roader lets them keep driving when lesser cars give up. Unfortunately even the toughest vehicle isn’t immune to snow and ice, and if you do a lot of winter driving you’re probably going to get a bit stuck sooner or later. If that happens, unless you know how to get yourself out again it’s going to be a frustrating – and even dangerous – process.

Recovering a stuck vehicle is hard work at the best of times, but if you get it wrong during the recovery – or sometimes if it just isn’t your lucky day – things can end up much worse than they already were. About the worst that can happen is that, in your efforts to recover your wagon, you end up rolling it over. That’s not just an inconvenience that makes recovery a lot harder; it can be extremely dangerous.

There are a lot of things that can contribute to a vehicle rolling over, but the biggie is simple