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Roughing it can be fun, but having some conveniences – even luxuries – among your touring gear is always going to win for most of us. Do you want to cook and eat all your meals sitting round a fire? That has some appeal for a group of younger blokes, but if you’re on a trip with your family you probably want a bit more comfort. The same goes double on a longer expedition – it stays fun a lot longer if you can sit down to a proper meal, instead of digging in with a billy in your lap.

Taking a table with you will make your camps a lot more pleasant. You can do a lot more food preparation with a table, then enjoy a nice meal with your arse on a chair instead of in the dirt. The only problem is that proper tables are a bit of a pain to haul around.

Hot cross buns are a spiced sweet bun eaten on Good Friday.
While we aren’t able to go out camping at this time many of us still have the ability to cook on a firepit at home.
Let’s keep traditions alive with this Hot Cross Bun Cast Iron Pot Recipe.

We are taking a look into some of the best rated apps available that can help you plan and navigate your next trip. Using modern day technology only makes sense when we often try to cut down on the amount of stuff that we carry when heading away. When we are able to access a wide variety of information through apps we no longer need to buy multiple different expensive devices for our windscreens and we don’t need to have that pile of books and maps on the back seat!