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Rooftop tents are awesome bits of gear. They’re easy to set up, make efficient use of storage space, get around the unpleasantness of having a wet tent packed in with all your other gear, and give you a place to sleep that’s well away from puddles, snakes and creepy crawlies.

As great as they are, though, a rooftop tent isn’t something you want permanently mounted on your vehicle. That’s not good for your wallet and it’s not good for safety. It’s not even very good for the tent.

Have you tried out a rooftop tent yet? These sleeping systems are amazing bits of kit – they really do have a lot going for them. Compared to a conventional tent they’re faster to set up, they need less space – most of their footprint is over your vehicle – and they pack down much more quickly when it’s time to move.  

A rooftop tent works fine on any terrain as long as you can get your vehicle parked on the level; it doesn’t matter if the ground is rocky, wet or covered in thorns, because you’re not sleeping on it.

Surfing might have started in Tahiti, but it’s a pretty Australian thing to do – I think we’re the only country in the world that would actually call a town Surfer’s Paradise. Millions of us like to get out there and ride the waves, and we pretty much lead the world in developing new techniques and board styles.

Why is surfing so popular in Australia? Partly it’s because it fits our coastal lifestyle, but mostly it’s because we have some of the world’s most amazing surfing beaches. The trouble is they’re not all so easy to get to. There’s an obvious solution, of course – combine surfing with a bit of off-road touring. At the wheel of your trusty 4wd you can reach any beach, and maybe even catch some surf away from the crowds.