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J.W. Speaker

Once you’ve been around the bush for a while you’ll know how important good lights can be. Most modern 4wd vehicles come with pretty good lights already fitted, but they’re really designed for driving on road. Once you venture into wilder places you might start finding some problems – dust is one, and mud on the lenses is another – that affect standard lights. Some extras can be pretty useful at helping you avoid holes, stumps and soft patches. If you’re driving through rocky ground a couple of lights mounted on the cab will throw shorter shadows and give you a better view – or maybe you have an older vehicle and you just want to upgrade to the latest technology.

JW Speaker probably have exactly the lights you’re after. If you want the most up to date lights around, they have them – everything from replacement headlight units to work lamps, interior lights and high performance light bars. They specialise in LED technology, so you get a combination of high performance, long life and amazing toughness. We’ve picked out some of their best products for our own range, because they’re just too good to ignore.

Based in Wisconsin, JW Speaker have been making vehicle parts for a long time. They started out in the 1930s, producing a range of accessories that included mirrors, tyre repair kits and replacement radiators. It also included lights, so this is something they have 80 years of experience in. They’ve made a few other useful things as well – if you’ve ever used one of those tiny army can openers, JW Speaker invented them. Since 1960 they’ve focused on lights, and managed to combine tradition with innovation to create some great products. That’s exactly what they’re still doing.

The Tough Toys range has a good choice of lights in it by now, because they’re one of those things everyone has their own preferences on. Some like traditional halogen lamps, and we have those. Some prefer state of the art LEDs, and we have those too. What all our lights have in common is that they’re top quality at the best possible price – and we deliver anywhere in Australia.

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