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Long Range Automotive LRA

Australia's a big place, and when you get away from the populated areas of the coasts the distance between settlements can be pretty huge. Unless you're on a major road filling stations tend to be in the settlements, and if you're driving a heavy 4wd with a big, thirsty engine you can spend a lot of time anxiously watching the gauge as your needle drops into the red. A basic safety precaution, especially in desert areas, is carrying enough extra fuel to get you to civilisation if your tank runs dry. A lot of people don't like carrying jerrycans though, and with many modern 4wds being a lot more car-like than an old-style Defender or Land Cruiser there are some issues with just strapping them above the rear bumper.

Luckily there's a much tidier option. A typical 4wd or Ute is a big vehicle with a roomy body, and there's a lot of void space in it. Meanwhile the fuel tanks are usually pretty much the same as what you'd find in a big car. That means, with some clever design, you can fit a larger replacement tank that uses some of that excess space. Some vehicles can also take an auxiliary tank, which connects into the existing fuel system.

Longrange Automotive is an Australian engineering company that specialises in helping you get the maximum possible range out of your 4wd. They produce a range of tanks from standard-capacity replacements to long range and auxiliary ones, and they have tanks available for most of the popular vehicles. Even if you're not looking for extra range a standard capacity tank is a sensible upgrade – they're high quality, precision-made units and they're far stronger than the one the factory installed. The main tank is made of 2mm aluminium-coated steel sheet, for the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance. All the fittings are high grade brass or steel, welds are the super-strong full penetration type and the tanks are fitted with full internal baffles and an expansion chamber.

Where Longrange Automotive tanks really come into their own is in adding extra capacity. Whether you're adding a 110 litre auxiliary to your Holden Crewman or replacing your Patrol's standard one with a 150 litre long range model, you're going to massively increase your range. That's great from a safety point of view. It opens up a lot of new touring possibilities as well.

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