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XROX Bullbars

A good 4wd is a serious investment, and it makes sense to protect it. Heading into the bush means you’re going to be facing the hazards of branches, stumps, potholes and rocks, and it’s easy to take a few bumps unless you stick to the boring tracks. Solid objects can make a mess of your vehicle, including taking out useful items like lights. If the radiator takes a bash you can even find yourself stuck in the outback with an immobilised wagon. If you want to keep your 4wd intact and mobile you should look at fitting some protection.

Off roading in Australia has its own challenges so, like you’d expect, Australian companies are good at making gear that can face them. That’s the secret behind Xrox products. The have a full range of bull bars, rear bars and sliders to fit most of the popular 4wd and ute models, and they’re all top grade items. Xrox bars are designed by people who know what’s needed, so they’re a long way from the decorative ones you see on shiny 4wds in the school car park. Everything you need is built in to the design: Winch mounts, jacking and recovery points, plenty of space for extra lights or antenna, and full compatibility with airbags.

Xrox don’t design their products to look good; they design them to do a job. Their aggressive looks come from their function – to protect the vital parts of your vehicle and help you keep it moving across any terrain. Their winged bull bars guard lights and wheel wells; wrap-round rear bars prevent immobilising damage in the three-quarter panel that lesser bars let through. Rock hoppers will appreciate their awesomely tough sliders, too. All Xrox bars are solidly made from high grade steel, with durable finishes for long life. There’s amazing attention to detail as well, with non-slip surfaces on steps and maximum compatibility with all your other accessories.

We always love to see quality gear, especially when it’s Australian-made, so Xrox are an obvious choice for our range. This is the sort of equipment you and your 4wd deserve, and at Tough Toys our job is to make it available to you at the best prices we can offer. We deliver anywhere in Australia, so it’s never been easier to get this sort of kit.

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