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There are two big differences between 4wd touring and backpacking on foot. One is the distance you can cover. The other is the amount of camping gear you can carry and, of course, the effect that has on your camp. Backpackers are always looking to reduce weight, so they usually have a pretty minimalist lifestyle when they're on a trip. If you're in a vehicle you can carry a lot more in the way of luxuries, though, so you'll be able to settle down for a comfortable break after every day on the road.

Your vehicle gives you another big advantage, too – power. Your use of electricity isn't restricted by the number of AA batteries you can carry, so you have a few more options available. One that's becoming popular is to fit a compact fridge or even fridge freezer in the back. That has some obvious advantages – you can have a steady supply of cold drinks without wrapping stubbies in a wet sock and leaving them in the breeze to cool down a bit. It's also handy if you like to cook something a bit more sophisticated than noodles or tinned curry. With a fridge you can safely carry meat with you, which means you can have a proper barbie wherever you are. If anyone needs medication a fridge will keep it in good shape, and for the photography buffs among you that still like wet film you can keep that nice and cool too.

You can get yourself all this with one of our Matson Bushpower range of fridge freezers. These are specifically designed for vehicle use, so the design puts a priority on low power drain, compactness and superior insulation. They're able to run on either vehicle electrictity – both 12 and 24 volt – or mains current, and they're super quiet when they're running.

Matson have put a lot of effort into making these fridges ideal for life on the road. You can attach the lid to open in either direction, so it's easy to get the most convenient setup in the back of your wagon. The cooling system is completely protected by the case, with no exposed lines or pipes to get damaged by other gear. The cabinet is also heavily insulated so that even on a hot day, with temperatures climbing inside your vehicle, the contents will still be cool.

We have three sizes of Bushpower fridge freezer; choose from 30, 45 or 60 litres depending on what you want to carry and how much space you have. Any one of them makes a great addition to your touring gear and will help you camp out in style.

Unfortunately Matson is no longer producing the Bushpower fridges, please click here to see our current range of fridge/freezers.

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