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Ultra Tech Ultra Ever Dry

Off roading can be a messy business. You’re not just out in the bush, surrounded by rivers, swamps and mud; you’re in a big vehicle that’s crammed with fuel, lubricants and other fluids, and it’s the nature of things that every so often something will leak. Anybody who’s spent time exploring the wilderness knows the feel of wet boots, wet clothes and a wet seat. That’s just how it goes.

Well maybe not. Our search for the best 4wd gear takes us to some pretty strange places, but you wouldn’t expect to find us talking to a company that makes waste management products, right? Well, maybe you would. Ultratech International is a US company that makes environmental compliance gear, including specialist waste containers, spill catchers and a load of other stuff. Some of it’s pretty handy if you do a lot of work on your own vehicle – we really like their cable guards, and if you don’t like tripping so will you. They have berms and panels to stop spillages spreading, which is good news when you knock over a can of oil and it’s heading for the drain. But what really got us excited is a product called Ultra Ever Dry.

Maybe you’ve used one of those hygrophobic glass coatings on your windscreen; if so you’ll have an idea what this is about. Just wipe them over the glass and until the coating wears off it repels water, so it clears really fast. Ultra Ever Dry is a heavy duty version of that. It doesn’t dry clear so you can’t actually use it on glass, but you can use it plenty of other places. Once you’ve coated something it has good resistance to wear and abrasion, and it’s awesomely effective.

Unlike other coatings Ultra Ever Dry doesn’t just repel water. It handles a lot of oil-based liquids too, plus real challenges like wet concrete and most kinds of mud. This stuff is a great way to keep your tools clean – they won’t pick up oil or dirt so easily – and can protect hard to reach parts of your vehicle from corrosion by repelling water. If you do a lot of winter driving you know how annoying it is when doors get frozen shut. Ultra Ever Dry will prevent that. You can even use it on your boots, instantly waterproofing them.

Some mud splashed up the doors shows the world you’ve been using your 4wd the way it’s meant to be used, but in general the cleaner and dryer you keep stuff the longer it will last. Ultra Ever Dry makes that a lot easier.

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