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Boiling Billy Publications

No matter how much experience you have at 4wd touring or off road driving, you'll never know everything. Australia is a big place and has a huge variety of landscapes, from wooded hills to the deserts of the red middle, and everywhere has its own challenges. Travelling goes a lot more smoothly if you have some local knowledge. Luckily a lot of people have written down their own experiences and advice, and you can get your hands on it by picking up some good guide books. Some of our favourites are from Boiling Billy Publications.

Boiling Billy have been producing books for off roaders and touring enthusiasts for a while, and they've built up a good name for themselves. It's well earned, too. Their books are really great, stuffed with handy tips and useful information. They have a wide range too, so wherever you're going and whatever you want to know there's probably a Boiling Billy book that will sort you out.

Some of our favourites from the range are their state by state touring guides. There are six in that series and they're absolutely fantastic sources of info. Each of them is full of suggestions for great trips, either for a day out or a weekend expedition. You'll find detailed maps of routes, descriptions of what you'll find along the way and loads of excellent photos. In fact any Boiling Billy book is worth getting just for the pictures.

One of the other things that make Boiling Billy special is the quality of writer they attract. If you want to travel in the Outback you can't beat a book written by an expert guide like Vic Widman, and Boiling Billy have one. It's full of essential tips about getting your vehicle ready, what kit to take and a lot more. All their other guides are just as good, too.

Pretty much anything you need to know is covered by a Boiling Billy book. There's even one on bush pubs, which is really handy when you're looking for a place to unwind after a long day on the road. These guides are useful, easy to read and fun. Pick up the ones that interest you, read them and take them with you when you head off. As a way of improving your trips they're hard to beat.

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