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Being outdoors is great, but blundering around in the dark isn't so good. Whether you're trying to pick your way through rocky ground in your truck or wandering about your campsite tripping over guy lines, being able to shed some light on the situation always makes life easier. Providing good usable light miles from civilisation is a bit harder than just flicking a switch, though. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a light bar to mount on your cab roof or a hand-held spotlight; you need something that's rugged, easy to use and energy efficient.

LIGHTFORCE have been helping Australians out with that for over 25 years. The founder, Dr Raymond Denis, was looking for a good spotlight. He couldn't find one. Most people would have just bought the best they could get and made the most of it, but not Dr Dennis. He designed one. It turned out so good that he decided to sell them, and so LIGHTFORCE came into being.

LIGHTFORCE now produce a range of portable and driving lights, and are constantly innovating with new materials and production techniques. Their systems use modern LED technology to give bright, reliable lighting. LEDs have a long life - thousands of hours before failure - and resist rough treatment much better than traditional bulbs. All LIGHTFORCE products are designed to Australian Quality Standard specifications and have won several Australian and international design awards. Low power consumption, outstanding optics and rugged casings make for the ideal outdoor lights. LIGHTFORCE export worldwide, but despite this demand we have a range of their products available. At Tough Toys we only stock the best, and when it comes to lights these are it.

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