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Safari Snorkels

The engine is the heart of any vehicle, and like any heart it's happier when it isn't clogged up with stuff it shouldn't be eating. People suffer when they overdo the beer and pie floaters, and your engine needs to steer clear of dust and water. Unfortunately driving off road is likely to expose it to quite a lot of dust and water, so you need to make sure it's getting a healthy diet of good clean air. The way to do that is with a snorkel, and when it comes to snorkels there's only one brand to choose.

Safari have been making snorkels since the early 1980s and they've grown to be Australia's leading supplier, with satisfied customers all over the world. Because they're designed to cope with the toughest landscapes Australia can offer they're rugged enough to work absolutely anywhere. Safari snorkels are available to fit all popular 4x4 and ute models, and they're easily installed. Top quality fittings mean they look like they went on at the factory, keeping your vehicle looking smart, and the same attention to detail means you get a positive seal right through the system. That means unbeatable protection for your engine, so you can ford rivers with complete confidence and ignore dust that has everyone else stopping to blow out their filters.

The Safari Charge air ram system has an integrated water separator to remove rain water from the intake air, even in the heaviest tropical downpour. Air rams can have problems in cold weather, when snow builds up on the intake and chokes them off, but the Charger has a rotating head to get round that problem; just turn it so the wind and your forward motion aren't blowing snow down the intake and you can keep going.

If you want the ability to go anywhere a snorkel will make more of a difference than almost any other piece of kit. Anyone with real off road ambitions needs one, and you can't beat a genuine Safari snorkel.

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