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Warn Winches

If you fit a winch to your 4wd you’re not likely to ever regret it. It’s one of the most useful accessories there is. Need to recover your mate’s vehicle and a snatch strap isn’t doing it? Winch him out. Got bogged down yourself and there’s nobody around to give you a pull? Just reel out the wire and look for a solid anchor. Slope too steep to get up it safely? Hook to the top and pull yourself up. Tree down across the track? Pull it out the way. A good winch is incredibly useful, and Warn make some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Warn Industries started out in 1948, converting thousands of war-surplus Willys Jeeps into civilian vehicles, and started making winches in 1959. In fact they were the first people to make a winch for recreational off-roaders, so their place as market leaders was pretty much guaranteed back then. What’s impressive is the way they’ve managed to hold on to it since then. It’s probably not surprising though. Warn have stayed completely up to date with the latest winch technology and they’re masters at integrating it into their products.

You can find a Warn winch capable of handling just about any task. They’ve developed one for the US Army’s armoured vehicles, so a unit that can haul your ute out of the sand isn’t much trouble for them. With a Warn winch at the ready you’re prepared for anything, and you’ll also love how easy to use they are.

Warn build their gear to last, so expect to find excellent materials, quality workmanship and the highest standards of water and dust sealing on the market. These winches will keep working in the harshest conditions, even in the Outback. Winches take a lot of abuse but Warn make sure theirs can take it, and that’s exactly what you need.

Tough Toys are always on the lookout for the best off road gear, and Warn winches are exactly the sort of kit we like to find. They’re awesome at what they do, and a massive help to anyone who wants to get the most out of their time off road. Why spend hours digging your way out of the mud when you can hook on to a tree and just drag yourself free? We don’t know either, so get yourself one of these magic pulling machines.

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