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Scotts Rods Performance Exhaust Systems

Plenty of people spend money on improving their vehicle's performance but manage to miss out one of the most important bits. You'll get benefits from new air intakes, upgraded engine management chips and even reprofiling valve seats, but if you get tunnel vision at the front end of your truck you're making a serious mistake. A lot of people forget about the exhaust when they're upgrading, because it's out of sight and usually out of mind. It can make a big difference to performance and fuel economy. In fact the best way to make it more efficient is to rip it right off, but the racket and emissions make that a bad option for all sorts of other reasons. People are going to complain if you don't have a silencer and a cat or particulate filter, but the factory ones are a bit on the conservative side; you can get a lot more out of your engine and still keep it quiet and protect the environment.

Scott Green has been developing high-performance exhaust systems for more than 15 years. His high-efficiency systems have been fitted to racing cars, hot rods and dragsters. The good news for you is that his company, Scott's Rods, also have a range of bolt-on exhaust systems for 4x4s. Their 4x4 Performance Exhaust Kits boost power and save fuel, but still meet all necessary standards. Produced on-site at Scott's West Ipswich shop, they give you a great mix of increased grunt and competitive prices. They're also built tougher than your factory exhaust.

We can supply a range of Scott's Rods products, from high flow cats and intercoolers to cannons, extractors, induction kits and exhaust tips. Install it yourself and we can deliver parts anywhere in Australia. These exhausts will give you more performance for less money than most of the stuff you can do up front.

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