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Sherpa 4x4

When you buy a 4wd vehicle it already has the basics you need to get off road and enjoy the best bits of Australia – but to make it really capable of going anywhere it needs more than the basics. A lot of that can just mean adding bits to the toolkit and throwing a couple of swags in the back, but if your wagon’s going to spend a lot of its time in the bush some more serious upgrades are a good idea. Snorkels, for example; moving the air intake to roof level is the way ahead if you want to cross a river, but it will also keep your filters happy on dusty tracks. As for winches, what do we need to say? They’re probably the ultimate recovery tool – you can haul another vehicle, or yourself, straight out of most sticky spots.

Sherpa 4x4 is a Queensland company that specialises in this sort of upgrade, and after checking out their gear we’ve decided it’s so good it just has to be part of our range. The people behind Sherpa know what they’re talking about when it comes to off road driving – chief engineer Ryan has competed in the Outback Challenge - and they set out to make sure all their products can take on Australian conditions. That calls for some pretty tough gear (just the kind we like, in fact) but Sherpa are up to the job.

Everything they make is carefully designed to be as close to indestructible as they can manage; after that they put a few together and run them through some fearsome testing. It won’t get Ryan’s nod of approval until it can survive everything they throw at it.

It’s not just the quality that stands out; Sherpa’s prices are impressive, too. This isn’t bargain basement kit by any means, but you get a lot for your money. At Tough Toys we always try to bring you the best gear at the best prices, so that made Sherpa snorkels and winches a natural choice. It’s seriously awesome gear that will give your vehicle’s cross country abilities a major boost. That’s what we’re all about, and Sherpa 4x4 are playing the same game.

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