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Redarc Dual Battery Systems & Isolators

There used to be a time when you could pretty much run your vehicle without the battery if you had to – old Land Rovers even had a starting handle to get them going. In a modern one the electrics have become indispensable. As well as the lights you’ve got engine management systems, stability control, steering and probably some assistance to the transmission as well. Add in satnav, communications and entertainment, plus maybe a fridge in the back that has to be kept running, and your 4wd is using a fair bit of power even when it’s switched off. On the move, with all your gear up and running, you’d be amazed how much electricity it eats.

Serious off roaders often upgrade their vehicle’s electrics to make sure there’s always power available. Dual batteries are becoming more common, letting you run all the shiny stuff while keeping power in reserve for starting the engine. Complexity has its own problems though, and you need quality hardware to make sure everything runs reliably. Luckily Redarc specialise in making the gear you need.

Based in Lonsdale, South Australia, Redarc have been developing vehicle electrics for more than 35 years – and by now they know exactly what it takes to make something that does the job, and keeps on doing it under the toughest conditions. Redarc systems are bang up to date, so they’ll work with all the latest gear, and they’re rugged enough that they’re perfectly at home in an off road tourer.

If you’re setting up a multi-battery rig you definitely need a good isolator to make sure power’s available to get the engine going – without one it’s too easy for your gadgets to run down the auxiliary then start draining the main one too. Redarc have all the gear you need to manage the system properly, and it’s not just tough and effective; it’s also easy to set up yourself.

Redarc also make smart charging units that will get the maximum charge into your batteries, and extend their life as well. Good batteries are a major investment and it makes sense to look after them. If you use a trailer you’ll love their brake controllers, too.
Tough Toys have high standards when it comes to off road gear. We’re always looking for the best, so we can offer it to you at a price you’ll like. Redarc have definitely earned a place in our range – this is seriously quality kit.

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