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Xtreme Camp Cooking

We’ve always said that half the fun of camping is the cooking. No matter what’s on the menu it always seems to taste better outdoors. That even goes for the simplest things, and one of those is damper.

We’ve teamed up with Xtreme Camp Cooking to make damper easier than ever to cook. With Extreme’s Damper Premix you can get it prepared and in the fire in minutes. Just empty a packet into a bowl, mix it with water, lemonade or beer, then slap it into a camp oven and sit back. Half an hour later you’ll have a big ball of tasty damper all ready to eat.

Xtreme have added a few options to the traditional recipe, making damper an even better option than ever. Their premix comes in five flavours, including traditional, Italian herb, pumpkin and chive, gluten free and chocolate. There’s one to suit every meal or you can start with the traditional and add your own extra touches. They have a bunch of greatrecipeson their website, too.

Too many campers ignore traditional stuff like damper but we think that’s a big mistake. It’s easy to pick up a couple of sliced loaves when you’re getting ready for a trip, but why eat the same old boring stuff you get at home? There’s a lot more fun in lifting a steaming damper out of your bily, slicing it yourself and watching fresh butter melt into it. Or do it the old fashioned way and get some syrup on there for the perfect end to an outdoor meal. Make dumplings from the mix and add them to stew, use it as a pizza base… the only limit’s your imagination.

Tough Toys have the full range of Xtreme damper premixes, so you can stock up on whatever you fancy for your next trip. Get some and try it. It’s easier to pack than bread, it lasts longer and it tastes great.

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